Life on earth is in peril and destruction is imminent. You have been elected to lead the team launching humanity into the cosmos. With luck and enough effort you should survive long enough to find a hospitable planet.


Flathead is a binding for V8 JavaScript, the JavaScript runtime behind the Chrome family of browsers. Flathead is built to hide away the difficulties of creating the V8 Binding and provide an interface inspired by Node that you can use as a scripting backend to your own applications.

Automated Testing Series

An ex colleague reached out recently to probe my experience in building, maintaining and reporting with automated test frameworks. I have authored and helped design three large testing frameworks over the years. I am not a guru, but what follows is a series of articles highlighting the principles I hold dear, not just because of … Continue reading “Automated Testing Series”


This application (obj2smd) is a fantastical fix to the question that has pissed off so many. How do I convert my model from my modeling application (Maya, 3dsmax, ZBrush, XSI, ETC) into HL2? Well, I’m not going to tell you that it’s the simplest of processes, but I will assure you that it is a … Continue reading “OBJ2SMD”