Awesome Creators

Below, you will find an ever growing list of creators that I enjoy, endorse, support, subscribe to, contribute to, or just plain found interesting for the moment. I will try to link to their channels here, but will try to include a few impactful links just to make sure you have a good stepping off point to start from.

If you have suggestions please don't hesitate to reach out!

But Why?
I tripped over this channel one day when I was just kinda strolling through content and decided You know what... I wanna better understand gravity, of course I do and after getting sucked into a black hole of really amazing visuals and better explanations I was totally floored in all I had learned. The author covers topics from relativity to photosynthesis, to Alcoholism. Its deep, thoughtful and quite fun.

Knowing Better
A veteran, former teacher, and history buff, he creates videos published on YouTube and Nebula, if not other platforms, on subjects that are seemingly innocuous but also pivotal in American, and World, history. The approach that he takes is as though we are in a conversation, he is talking to us, not at.