Email Response – What do you look for in a mod team?

Often in the mornings I wake up with a question on my mind that is lying at the heart of some conflict that I am enduring at that time. Should I continue with school; why do we have so much suffering in the world; where is my god damned naked girlfriend when I need her? The questions go on and on. This morning I awoke with an odd predicament. Why the hell do people that are uneducated in the software engineering process, who are aspiring to ultimately be a part of it, choose to hide from the processes that would allow them to not only succeed, but to better understand it?

This seemingly complex and convoluted question is really what lies at the heart of all of the negative experiences that have gone on within the mod and indy game development communities. I have yet to have my big break or find a team destined for stardom that actually attains their goals. Without fail, every project I have come to is strictly abhorrent to the ideas that allow software, or anything else for that matter, to be created. The team, en masse, chooses to shy away from process for fear that it will lead to bureaucracy and tension within the ranks.

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this past weekend was quite an exciting one

this past weekend was quite an exciting one

Today is my dad’s birthday, I saw some friends I had been neglecting for far too long, and I kick started work on OMS. For those of you who are new to Gneu and our delusions of grandeur I’m sure this would come as a bit of a shock, but we intend to make a game. Not just any game, mind you, but one that is not made for everyone. It is going to be tailored to the concept of emulation of reality. We have quite a few notes about our goals up on the wiki, and I have another 12 paragraphs to add in the coming weeks. Some important links are at the end of this article.

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