Children and the morality of teaching them about racism

A couple updates have come.

Firstly, i completed my piece on racial education being taught to children, which is available like all of the rest of the pieces i have written – in the writings/ramblings section of the site. It was a tough piece to flesh out but im pretty confident i covered the argument in a fair format.

And secondly, certainly not the least amazing, I have updated my WP Plugin – Video Bracket Tags – to be able to be configured site wide. Things are much better explained on the page itself, so please dont take my brief message here as the only information. Consult the release page itself and let me know what you guys think. Regular expressions are gone and i have added the option page.

I Cant Stand Spam, At All

thank god for her infinite wisdom and blessing humanity with gmail because if it weren’t for them and their spam blocker I would most definitely be bald. I have been in a perpetual flame war with spammer’s world around for years, only recently have I become angered by their presence though. Every morning I wake up and have to crawl through my Drupal and phpBB apps to search out new users that are spam based and their posts/comments and It’s perhaps the most irritating thing I have to do, almost parallel to looking for dingle berries or remembering to Google girls before I am willing to go on dates with them. (No one wants to date one of those dumb bitches from Girls Gone Wild… its just not romantic when all you need to get them naked is a camera)

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