BetterTech – Progress Report

I have just realized that I have been keeping the door to development on BetterTech quite locked down. Development has continued, opening up a few interesting roads and connecting me with a handful of very interesting people. Bravo me!

Alpha 1 is all about world gen, controls and setting up the initial state of the player. Below you will see a summary of the issues that were closed.

Change Log – Alpha 1

  • Redo base models as skeletal meshes to allow for animation later.
  • Start work on a BaseTile Class
  • World Entities Collision Channels
  • Picking of world entities
  • CHEAT – AddCapital & SetCapital
  • Day Phase Controller
  • Block input when in cinematic or in pause state
  • HUD – Display Available Jobs
  • World Gen – Current Property Layout
  • World – Generic Tiles
  • World – Tile Specifications
  • Gameplay – Subtract funds when jobs are completed
  • AI – Agent Job Selection
  • AI – Agents
  • AI – Job Filtering
  • AI – Jobs Listing
  • HUD – Current Time
  • HUD – Player Floor
  • HUD – Player Role
  • HUD – Player Capital
  • Player – Current Floor
  • Player – Add the ability to switch to Build Mode
  • Player – Roles defined
  • PlayerState to retain capital
  • Gameplay – Initial funds granted at random
  • Camera – Mouse scroll wheel to control camera zoom.
  • Camera – Movement Keys move spectator view relative to camera orientation

Moving to a new Host

In the broad spectrum of things I would imagine that most of you don’t notice or care, but has had a number of things change in the last couple months. I am currently in the process of transferring things over to the new hosting provider ( where I have more control over my server and have to pay less for better performance. It was a long time in coming and only after a friend of mine (the notorious TJMonk) gave me a kick in my pants recently did I pay attention to the performance i was getting at my previous host.

I apologize ahead of time as the process requires some crafty DNS changes to be able to make it smooth.

Things will settle in shortly.

New Programmers Notepad 2 Scheme Available

I just completed the update to the Programmers Notepad 2 scheme for UnrealScript. The keywords and some base classes are supported. Unfortunately the case sensative flag is not really working with me, but ill be reaching out for assistance in the next couple days. Hopefully I can add it and the API doc to the supported list in the next release!?

UnrealScript Highlighters