Getting my writing voice back

Stephen Fry hosting QI in Series A.

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I lost my voice a couple weeks ago, after a very heavy development weekend, and it took a couple outings with friends and a very interesting podcast by Stephen Fry to get me back on my feet. This is of course along side my coursework. I just completed a summary of a possible screenplay that i am currently working through having to do with Project White. It is proving to be quite extravagant and although it had to change a lot to be able to be movie directed i am proud of it.

In other news the matinee tutorial is being scrapped. The truth is, its really not as complicated as people are making it out to be, and 3dBuzz has already covered it far better than i can. The only catch is that you will hook the level loaded event into the playing of your matinee. It is really that simple. If you don’t believe me you can surely open up my intro game and give it a look over =)

I think the flash month is a bit early in the making as i am just now getting back into flash. I will probably be revisiting it later in the year, but for this month i am forecasting the other couple tutorials (Distribution, Your First Game Mode) and then i will be looking forward. My team has lost its lead coder so i will be running both jobs pretty closely once i catch my breath. Our team is still in high spirits regardless, but it will be better once i get my response post mortem completed.


Mod Switch Tutorial being proof read

I have been working on a tutorial for the UT3 mod switch, and it is almost done. I have handed it off to four developers and allowing them to get into the gritty elements of the piece, to ensure that it works as prescribed. This is the first tutorial I have worked on for UT3 and will be releasing it in as many locations as possible to try to ensure that it is widely understood and tested against. The checklist for the tutorial includes necessary directories, configuration and how they work, Localization setup and how to use the localization in your UI; how to set up the various maps and what UIScenes you need to have in order for the front end map to load and not require you to do too much work elsewhere.

I am trying to help establish a clean and easily distributable format for mods to use and have worked with Epic and a number of other developers in order to get it working as well as it is. Following the tutorial that is going to be released sometime in the next week will allow you to develop your mod without worry about screwing around with any of the stock packages or having your mod overwrite (or be overwritten by) other mods. I apologize for the lengthy time since I last updated the community about it but school and finals killed me last week. That is, however, behind me now.

Iā€™m going to go do a fourth round of proof reading myself. If you are interested in helping please contact me.