Bad Code

I have some serious issues with what I am about to say, but please bear with me.

Development is as much an art, as much a science, as much a skilled and science driven thing, as air is fun to breathe. Sometimes I get energetic about being able to expand my rib cage and feel the cool air flowing through into my lungs, helping me expand them more, and I continue expanding until I cannot quite expand them any more and I sit. I stretch out my rib cage, allowing my muscles to wonder when they are going to receive their oxygen and close my eyes. It is a lot like holding my breath, only I am not intending to turn blue.

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Disruptive Environments

When it comes to disruptive environments, I have had few experiences like the one I’ve been dealing with for the last year. Its really amazing how anything gets done around this place, as it really seems to emanate irritatingly loud and unconscionable noises our of every corner of its little universe. As one of the people who has brought a guiding light to knowledge work, Joel Spolsky, has said many a time, Programmers need offices.

Let’s get some etiquette down on digipaper before things get too crazy.

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