so okay, Gneu updates

I finally set up the automatic backup for every portion of my site, including the wiki and forums. I spent about 4 hours configuring the app to run itself properly and email me like I want it to and so forth, but now its on autopilot so woo hoo!

Secondly, some of you may have already noticed a release was made this past week. I know its simple but I would love to hear your thoughts on the mutator as it is my first and as such is extremely simple.

I have also been doing quite a bit of work on the wiki in the last week. It looks like I am going to be able to get back into my books and tutorial writing sooner than I had expected, and since everything I do is backed up, it will be that much more fun to do it without worrying about my fucking host being dumb again.


My wiki is dead.

Its quite unfortunate in my eyes that it has come to this, but unfortunately I have to admit defeat. As of the 9th of November my wiki has been fouled up and unfortunately for me and having a bad backup method the wiki’s content is no longer available. I have had some discussion about this and will instead look to bring back a few select tutorials I still have through wordpress, but unfortunately I don’t have them all. My HL2 Stuff has already been migrated over to the source developers wiki and while I don’t suggest you look too hard at that stuff, I will no longer be hosting it, unless a miracle occurs and things are found.

All and all, its pretty sad, but I am more willing to write on this format now, over having three routes. I may end up reopening the wiki as my game development continues and matures, but for now I am very unhappy to say that I will be abandoning it.

Sorry folks.

The last week’s updates

I have taken the liberty of keeping up with the PHPBB3 Updates, and I have yet to find any aspect of the PHPBB application that is sub par. I am extremely happy with the energy that has been put into it and hope to never be forced to use anything other than PHPBB for website bulletin boards. There have also been quite a few updates to documentation, including more of my poetry being added to the book that is posted herein, and a bunch of new tutorials and documents being added to the wiki. Despite the lack of response from users, gneu is still continuing towards its goals, and will most definitely be continuing this satisfactory feeling that I have been having as of late. Thanks to Mike Whitfield for contributing his tutorials to the HL2 category, and to Enrique for finally directing me towards something that I was comfortable writing a document about. I have also taken some time to update the front page of the wiki and begun the work in fleshing out the game design documentation, in the forums as well as the wiki.