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Rioghan the Search Dog

My apologies to all of you who have been trying to get around on my site, and being shown absolutely nothing on the search. I installed a plug-in called Search Unleashed and its really a piece of work. No excuses, though – the search is finally working and i cant complain about it.

Dreamhost sent me a letter complaining about my percentage use and deleted my SEO plug-in in an effort to solve that. =( It was possibly the most irritating thing to happen in all of July, so please bear with me. I have been running this craziness on my own server and seen no spike because of SEO, the primary bastard was Search Unleashed.

Indexing for search is a process that lots of applications have to handle. The catch being that you are unable to do it without slamming the server. Search Unleashed is neat, in that it provides a few options, only problem is that each time you change anything it has to re-index, and it only provides a means to do it en-masse.

  • It clears the cache if you change the index type
  • It clears the cache when you update the plug-in
  • It clears the cache when you change an option

And it wont index periodically.

Instead of crying i will simply say that it is frustrating and cover my mouth.

Host Change Checklist

Create New Databases Check
Projects Hierarchy change to Check
Media Wiki Moved Check
Forums Moved Check
Redirection from old host names moved Check
Correct Minor Issues Ongoing
Setup Backup scripts Pending
Configure Uptime Monitoring Pending

Dreamhost is being exceptionally supportive. I am quickly progressing through my todo items and having a pretty good time doing it. I Have some serious respect for any host that allows me to set up a subdomain for my mysql connections =).

Very cool guys.

Angie Released, Gneu Host, The Future – 3 great things about life

Last night I started work on an application that is going to have all the features of UnCodex (which has the features of UClasses and UnDox) and is going to become its successor. Of course this means its going to pull time away from OMS but I am confident with my team and our time management skills to be able to continue meeting our goals, if not blowing by them!

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Downtime? Lets get jiggy with it.

Oh how i love shared hosting.


I have performed a security audit of the server that your account is hosted on. Another user on the server had his/her account compromised. The attacker ran several perl based IRC bots and DDoS scripts which were using a considerable amount of bandwidth. I have secured this account and removed these malicious perl scripts. Your site’s load time has improved considerably. Please let us know if you have any more questions or concerns regarding this issue.

-Charlie S.
Surpass Hosting Abuse Team

My wiki is dead.

Its quite unfortunate in my eyes that it has come to this, but unfortunately I have to admit defeat. As of the 9th of November my wiki has been fouled up and unfortunately for me and having a bad backup method the wiki’s content is no longer available. I have had some discussion about this and will instead look to bring back a few select tutorials I still have through wordpress, but unfortunately I don’t have them all. My HL2 Stuff has already been migrated over to the source developers wiki and while I don’t suggest you look too hard at that stuff, I will no longer be hosting it, unless a miracle occurs and things are found.

All and all, its pretty sad, but I am more willing to write on this format now, over having three routes. I may end up reopening the wiki as my game development continues and matures, but for now I am very unhappy to say that I will be abandoning it.

Sorry folks.