Grinding My Gears – Stored Passwords

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Personally, I don’t think that software needs to be so god damned difficult to make. I mean, if you follow the “standards and practices” that you see standardized and practiced by the broad majority of today’s websites you could come to no other conclusion.

Three days ago i signed up on a website, one that I am quite sure has been around for a good portion of the web epoch as they tout themselves as being 2.0 compliant – whatever the fuck that means — and low and behold I was sent something that I never in my life fucking wanted. Never in my life would I ever need to be sent something that I had given to them. I don’t need it, I don’t want it as it is a sure sign of an amateur dev team and the fact that it exists is almost enough to cause me to want to scream.

My god damned password.

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User registration is opened up again.

I have been toying around with the user system over the last few months, trying to get spammers to lose interest and unfortunately, It’s not working. In an effort to try to increase the commenting on this mo fo I am going to be opening up enrollment and allowing email confirmation again. Feel free to post at your leisure, but keep an eye out because the lockdown may soon be felt on the rest of the site. Continue reading “User registration is opened up again.”

I Cant Stand Spam, At All

thank god for her infinite wisdom and blessing humanity with gmail because if it weren’t for them and their spam blocker I would most definitely be bald. I have been in a perpetual flame war with spammer’s world around for years, only recently have I become angered by their presence though. Every morning I wake up and have to crawl through my Drupal and phpBB apps to search out new users that are spam based and their posts/comments and It’s perhaps the most irritating thing I have to do, almost parallel to looking for dingle berries or remembering to Google girls before I am willing to go on dates with them. (No one wants to date one of those dumb bitches from Girls Gone Wild… its just not romantic when all you need to get them naked is a camera)

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Chronicles of Swallowbush – Changes to a changing world

At the time I was less interested in PHP than I was interested in reading the manual to my printer, but I was charged by a buddy of mine to learn it. He had taught himself what he needed to know in order to build his site, which was by and large much more than I knew. The entry into PHP was indeed a pain, lots of functions to call and very little known about how or why web applications worked, but it was clear to me that I was going to do well after I made my first blog for

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