Process over progress

Early developers and web development clients are often lost in the beauty of building a website. The people I have worked with and along side of are always bogged down by the visuals and ignore the more fundamentally important aspect: how the website functions. When a client sees a pretty landing page they equate that to completion and similarly, when a budding young developer first gets into their first website it is often with gross disregard of everything else that they begin to pound away at the visual aspect, often called skinning.It should go without saying that we all start out, at one time or another, trying to build a pretty site. Visually appealing content is always going to be more interesting than if its just static text that doesn’t move. Just as in the game industry, if you go back 20 years, games were simple and building them was not about having the most artists or writers so much as having a game that was fun, Mario, Zelda & Contra for instance. Now building a game that people call successful is more about trying to make it pretty and ignore the fun aspect all together, HL2, CS and Halo 3. The internet has evolved at a comparably difficult pace to keep up with, and with the invention of tools such as Macromedia Flash, and now Microsoft’s Silverlight the internet is becoming a new playground. Building a new website is seen, by amateurs, as a paradise of simple methods that transpose data and toss it out to the user at a whim.

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Gneu Management System

I am in the middle of a huge code re-factoring experiment to see if what I’ve learned about PHP over the last 2 months can impact the way my GneuManager inspired framework would have been developed. I am planning to start on v2 of my framework before v1 was ever released.

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One year ago…

One year ago, nearly to the day, I was averaging about 2-4 unique viewers a week, had nearly no content and had a great time telling people that they could go, but nothing was really up. Since I started posting regularly and forcing my friends to go the site is now approaching a thousand unique views. I have people linking to it from the valve media wiki, from hl2coding (this site has unfortunately gone down) and from many others. As time has gone on my site has become much more than it was originally conceived to be, more a project management application and a forum for (almost minimal) discussion. In order to celebrate having 1500 views a day over the last week I decided to skin it, again. =) Sorry folks.

The skin is inspired by PHPBB3, which has also been put into place, and I am quite impressed so far, so let’s get some more posting in there, and some comments on here.

PHPBB3, or why you have to learn to love the bomb

some of you may have noticed that the forums have been… eh, tweaked; more like replaced over anything else. I am trying out the new version of PHPBB in order to see if the new development playground is going to be better for administrative tasks & SPAM FILTERING! Woo woo!

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Schools almost out and updates are on their way…

sometimes it feels like I’m just documenting the progress between projects, since I rarely find time to cram the progress reports into my days, but this week should be interesting. I have finally gotten my stances working again and will be gracing your presence with some of the progress (probably a video or two, maybe with some narration and diagrams) depending on my progress on it this weekend.

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