Day 1 – Same Project, New Ambitions

I have worked in and around Project: White for nearly seven years now. Each incarnation finds its way to the bit bin to be recycled and evolved into the next; each a step closer to a dream of my own; each a stepping stone away from being a photo clerk and toward being a Game Developer. Project: White has allowed me to help define my understanding of fun and beauty as it has moved from my mind into the Source engine, to UT3 and even now as it takes a firm foothold in the UDK. This project is literally undying.

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My Forums

I absolutely hate advertisement bots, and i wish that their inventors would be blessed with a flesh eating virus. I have been fighting a losing battle over the last two years to regain control over my forums, claiming it back from the shitty bots, and i think i have finally figured things out.

Below is the beginnings of a script that you can run on a semi regular basis and keep your PHPBB3 Databases cleaned of ridiculous bullshit landing on your forum. Just remember to log in from time to time to resynchronize your statistics.

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Mod Switch 2.0 Update

Epic Games Logo

C.O. Wikipedia

The latest patch released by Epic corrects a number of bugs, and it also brings with it a number of features. I wont be walking through them, unfortunately, but i will share a couple updates on how they effect the mod switch packaging. Primarily, things lay out the same. If you follow these tutorials you will certainly produce a working mod. The patch allows for some simplified paths and so forth.  Lets go ahead and get into it.

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Code Example – MSSQL Test Update

I posted, in june of last year, about some very useful MSSQL tests that make development and the promotion process we use here at Broadcom easier. One of the tests was not entirely correct, and id like to make a quick substitution (although i wont be replacing the previous entry because it sort of works too).

Does a table have a field already?

IF EXISTS (SELECT Coalesce(Col_length('dbo.T_Table', 'FieldName'), 0))

should be

Does a table have a field already?

IF EXISTS (SELECT 1 WHERE Col_length('dbo.T_Table', 'FieldName') > 0)

sorry about the mixup. This new one is much simpler to read share with your friends and actually works well.

Following Suit, Quick and Clean

Happy New Year!

A few updates, and some other parts of my usual diatribes.

The tutorial is still progressing. I got screwed over vaycay by a virus that killed a good chunk of my writings, including two chapters of my book and the latter half of my tutorial in particular. I have recovered my computer to a previous ghosting but I have also received my own install of Office (Word, Outlook, Excel, One Note, Power Point) and am installing the express editions of the new 2008 MSVS, so I think that will be sorted for a while. Having entirely legitimate software is really neat, I have spent the better part of the last three days updating and cleaning up my systems at home. AVG, FRAPS, mIRC and so forth are all installed and I am working back toward my full capabilities.

I am using Word to post to my blog when I don’t need to bother with images, categories, html or anything else that is detail oriented, but its been pretty fun so far to play with Word as a blogging tool. It doesn’t have anything crazy but I don’t have to bother with loading the 90 pages between me and my post button any more. On top of that I am going to be opening up a couple new blogs, via, that will be used to keep my alter egos separated. This blog is going to slowly be evolving into a development exclusive blog as my opinions are posted elsewhere. I am doing this partly for the viewers and partly to keep my public face a bit easier on the eyes.

In other news, I want you all to know that Emiles is not all its cracked up to be.

Take care and please take care of yourselves.