Developing in Unreal has its perks, and its also got its issues

The last two weeks I have been developing a couple of mutators for Unreal Tournament 3 and although my simple mutator, only about 20 lines of code mind you. It went without a hitch for the first large portion, actually coding the mutator’s effects, but I have tripped up quite badly as of late in trying to get the mutator to work over the internets. This is going to be a journey through a few of my notes on UT Development and quite possibly some thoughts on the matter of comparing HL2 with Source.

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so okay, Gneu updates

I finally set up the automatic backup for every portion of my site, including the wiki and forums. I spent about 4 hours configuring the app to run itself properly and email me like I want it to and so forth, but now its on autopilot so woo hoo!

Secondly, some of you may have already noticed a release was made this past week. I know its simple but I would love to hear your thoughts on the mutator as it is my first and as such is extremely simple.

I have also been doing quite a bit of work on the wiki in the last week. It looks like I am going to be able to get back into my books and tutorial writing sooner than I had expected, and since everything I do is backed up, it will be that much more fun to do it without worrying about my fucking host being dumb again.


WP, Video Tags & Mutators, Oh Boy!

Yesterday I spent some time cleaning up my WordPress plug-in and boy did it go well. I replaced my previous YouTube and Google video plug-ins with a single plug-in that just plain kicks ass. Please feel free to go jump into the software releases and check it out.

In other news, I have been hard at work coding my first UT Mutators. Unfortunately I don’t know UScript nearly as well as I know CPP or PHP. I’ve had a couple hiccups and will hopefully sort them out by tonight, as I really want to start releasing them.

the time has come, UT 2007 is here…

Alright folks, Its time to get in gear. This is a call out to anyone and everyone who is interested in working in UT 2007 that I may or may not know. Mike Whitfield and I are already rolling in the UT-iverse and looking for folks who are going to be working in UT 2007 not necessarily along side us but networking. Just as I did with HL2 I plan to do the same or similar things for UT, only this should go a bit smoother as I have had experience with UScript and will probably be abe to pull some shit together quicker.

That said, We need to talk about the future of gneu and how UT development is going to be impacting it.

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About two months ago I had a meeting with Matt & Reiji to the tune of trying to decide what we are going to do with our game. Many topics were thrown about and eventually we decided on going the ogre route and building it independent, but there was something electric in the air. Something about the idea of making mods made our eyes light up, at least mine. You guys don’t really know Reiji too well, but it takes something truly special to get him to let his eyes sparkle at all. We asked ourselves… “What do we do when UT3 comes out?” There are obvious marketing and distribution benefits associated with mod development, considering that if you find that niche it draws people to your site. They see your mod or in the case for UT – Mutator – an ask the all-important question… What else have they done?

Mike Whitfield, unblogged, has taken the opportunity of this release to get the gneu movement rolling and we have an SVN Setup and rolling, I will soon compile a list of possible mutators and mods and democracy will drive our momentum, possibly. We still make final call and will probably choose whatever looks fun to us at that time.