Effective UnrealScript – An Introduction

When I first started out programming the problems I faced were monumental:

  • What is a variable?
  • Why do I need a pointer?
  • For the life of christ, who cares about the differences between stacks and queues!?

Well, here I am some many (many, many) years later and it occurred to me an hour ago that the quality of my complication has increased so much that I don’t even know how to answer those questions well any longer, at least not without drawing. I am about to set out on a new side project to help build upon the concepts that many of us take for granted, hopefully delving into something a bit more involved – what to do once you understand these concepts.

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New Programmers Notepad 2 Scheme Available

I just completed the update to the Programmers Notepad 2 scheme for UnrealScript. The keywords and some base classes are supported. Unfortunately the case sensative flag is not really working with me, but ill be reaching out for assistance in the next couple days. Hopefully I can add it and the API doc to the supported list in the next release!?

UnrealScript Highlighters

Moving Sites

In celebration of the move to the UDK Project: White is going through some rejuvenation. All of the content has been moved over to a subdomain of Gneu.org, white.gneu.org, where you can find all further information. This website is going to be shut down in a couple months to help streamline some of the internal information and data, as well as lighten the development load.

As for progress, Project: White is still moving and moving along pretty quickly for that matter:

  • UI Updates and optimizations in displaying information properly for the new game modes
  • I have delved into the Modeling realm to try to help minimize the stress felt on that end of the world. Maya is a beautiful program
  • We have 2 new demo maps, one for Push and one for Territorial gameplay. Both are internal, and feature a few of our own assets
  • 2 other maps are in the pipeline
    • Sussman – An industrial map revolving around a factory
    • Currie – Inside the catacombs of a city, tight quarters and battles. Life is a bottle neck
  • Code wise I have begun work on the intro sequence, with some results that will be demoed once I get things fleshed out
  • Fleshed out the details of the intro sequence as well as BioMega, changing the scope and direction a bit, but not enough to cause life to be too difficult

I have the next month and a half off of school so development will likely pick up considerably. I wish you all well, adieu

UDK 2010-11-13 21-22-55-93UDK 2010-11-13 21-36-27-35UDK 2010-11-13 21-37-35-19UDK 2010-11-13 21-38-19-31

Sussman Groundwork

UDK 2010-12-14 23-11-38-40

Push & Territorial Demo Map

Moved to UDK & Developers Wanted

As planned, on Oct. 1st Project: White was first compiled and since then the project has been expanding outwards. The Core team is back, save Jibbs, with the common goal of getting Project: White built on the UDK. We are hard at work developing a number of interesting things, so keep your eyes open.

Moving to the UDK does put a certain level of work back on our plate, almost entirely in the realm of artwork needing to be done to compensate for the missing assets from the UDK packages. In light of this, we are looking to expand our team and get our development momentum back. Positions we have open currently include Level Designer, 3D Artist, Foley Artist, Concept Artist, Testers, Publicity Agent. If you are interested in helping out and don’t fit into these categories please do still reach out, we likely need your help.

  • Portfolio preferred
  • Must have experience with Unreal Engine 3 (UDK, UT3, Etc.) or another game engine of similar quality
  • Experience with version control & team development processes

The goal here is to get the game polished up and released on Steam with the UDK license to help fund another venture. This means money will eventually be involved, once we get the game fleshed out. For now all contributions are compensated solely with experience and expanding your portfolio.

Please reach out to let us know that you are interested with information about yourself and what you would like to contribute via an email to contact@whitemod.com with the subject line Developer Application