What makes a great Modder?

Over the years I have probably been approached by mod recruiters a hundred times, promising me things like fame and fortune as long as I work on their projects. Most have failed miserably to spark any sort of interest in their projects and more often than not, they fail to get out of the gate with much of anyone, leaving much to be desired for them to actually put a team together and get serious about their ideas. The few that I have had the pleasure of working with have gained my interest through many of the same processes that the lesser known mods have, but with a twist. They have put thought into their project.

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the end of the whole mess…

there was a story of the same name written by Stephen King, which was a great read. The concept is quite serious and very appropriate to drive this essay; the main characters brother was a genius who found that there was something in the water that caused people to act as fucked up as they do to each other, and it took a drastic measure to cause it to come to an end. Although this story took the world to a place that it really didn’t like, it was the drastic measure that relates this story to me. It is this drastic measure that is causing me to stand up and open the doors that I have, and I am here doing as much as I can to help remove the problems that are coming to fruition quite quickly.

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All together now…

Over the last year that I have been coding in the world I have been confused to all lengths by something that seems to be repeated throughout the world, loneliness. No matter where I look I see programmers alone, and they are always in that state, no matter what I have tried to do in regards to bringing in partners or joining others on their projects, It’s a lot like pulling teeth, and its about time it came to an end.

When I was just a nubile programmer, still wearing my baby shoes and sucking my pointer thumb, I was charged with programming an application. The majority of it was child’s play, but things like memory management and file manipulation were driving me crazy. I tried for days to get things sorted but no matter what I did my problems persisted and it was time to find some help. Turning to my best friend at the time, I asked a simple question, “Would you help me with this?” I was stunned by the response, but it didn’t register in my mind for one reason or another. There was nothing I could do to bring this application to fruition; I tried to query a number of people to get some assistance with the app, but to no avail. It was a lost cause, and I was puzzled over it for months.

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Viewer Mail #1

Not all of you may know, according to a recent email about my current projects, but I am currently affiliated with the world at war mod. It is a war game fps that is based on the infamous HL2 Source Engine and has been all too much fun to jump back into. It is true however that my previous mods fell through, and the most important thing I learned from them was that you can’t get anyone to do anything they don’t want to do, unless you pay them.

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