squirrel Binding – Check

Although I don’t have any dope screenshots to show much off in regards to this, I want you all to know that Ogre and Squirrel are bound. It’s literally dirt simple and yes, my mother can do it. Allow me to get into some discussion about what I intend to drive with the scripting language, beyond the blanket statement “As much as I can!”

So, basically, what Squirrel provides me is a means of developing in Ogre without having to recompile the DLL’s, and possibly, without even having to restart the engine. Squirrel’s virtual machine/interpreter is run concurrently with the engine, and has ties into any aspect I want to be driven by it. My intentions are quite simply, to be able to develop quickly, without having too much hassle to deal with.

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My first Ogre3d Release is in planning stages

With school finally under control I think I am going to gear up for a release, yes I said that shit, of what I have done with ogre3d. I am still a bit in the dark about what its going to require from me, time wise, but I think the contents are going to be as follows:

The following libraries bound to ogre to complete my engine (functionality wise)
Squirrel Scripting Language
OpenAL Audio Library
PhysX Physics Library

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New Schedule…

I have been testing out QCodo over the last week and a half with nothing more than a smile on my face when things are created when I tell them to be, and it reminded me of my old days, when I wrote applications from scratch always and wasted who knows how much time trying to create queries and fold data into a format that I was interested in, and of all the things I could do with myself, I never once felt that I was doing too much work…

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