Site & Project Updates

SIERRA MADRE, CA - MAY 29:  Spam, the often-ma...

Sometimes I can get pretty hard on myself. This usually occurs when my listing of things I’ve accomplished during that day ceases to be a priority and I just do. I don’t want to necessarily toot the horn of amazing things to never ignore, but being able to look over your shoulder and see a long list of items on your whiteboard that have bright red slashes through them is bloody amazing and keeps my smile nice and wide.

The last week is no exception, since it was finals i had a lot of free time (no, I never study for my finals ever) so i spent the time cleaning up my forum, working on Project: White and doing some other maintenance for the site, such as cleaning up my SQL Backup script.

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I Cant Stand Spam, At All

thank god for her infinite wisdom and blessing humanity with gmail because if it weren’t for them and their spam blocker I would most definitely be bald. I have been in a perpetual flame war with spammer’s world around for years, only recently have I become angered by their presence though. Every morning I wake up and have to crawl through my Drupal and phpBB apps to search out new users that are spam based and their posts/comments and It’s perhaps the most irritating thing I have to do, almost parallel to looking for dingle berries or remembering to Google girls before I am willing to go on dates with them. (No one wants to date one of those dumb bitches from Girls Gone Wild… its just not romantic when all you need to get them naked is a camera)

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