Jump Mod v 2.0

I made some significant changes to the Jump Mutator.

Most imporant is the on the fly updating of the settings. All you have to do is type in one of the strings into your console and things will be set in motion. This is a destructive process, however. If you choose to use these mutate commands to change your mutator you are going to overwrite your configuration settings.

  • Mutate JumpMod SetMaxJumps n
  • Mutate JumpMod SetJumpBoost n

These are typed into your command console (F10 to get to it typically).

n is an integer

The SetJumpBoost value is scaled just as the one on the configuration dialog is (1-10) and extraneous values are replaced with the default value of 4.

These entries are both case insensitive. More Info

staying true to myself

Always a stickler for making development, and deployment for that matter, easy. It shouldn’t be too amazing to any of you that I would put energy into packaging my Mutators in a quick and easy method. I got tired of the process of tracking the files down and raring them individually, so I wrote this tool that allows me to quickly rebuild, and rar the files at the drop of a hat – or rather a double click of the mouse.

She works, give her a try…

Welcoming the New Year.

I am about to take my vacation from gneu in order to spend some time with those who care for me deepest. My friends and family have practically promised to assault me if I bring my laptop with me on this vacation so do not expect any significant updates to the site in the next week and a half. That is to say that the mutators are not going to be developed in the coming week so please bear with me as I get acclimated to the other things that matter in life. I will be in the snow tossing about craziness, reading and practicing my guitar. I hope that I will be able to learn another song than silent night.

In other news, I would like report that my fourth mutator has been released and is in your hands. My previous version of the server advertisement mutator is still available, but the specs provided to me were clearly incorrect considering the responses from all of you viewers and commenter’s. I have not had this much attention since right before I was about to release White, and as such I have to thank you all for lightening up my view on the community of game developers. In the mean time, I am going to look into developing the GUI for the new mutator, although I do not know how it is going to work out because generating controls is not as easy as I would like it to be in UT3. Fear not, I am sure I will wrap my mind around it.

In case I don’t get to wish it to you all, I hope you all stay safe and warm, and dry in some circumstances, this holiday. I will be doing what I can to finish my requirements for December, but I don’t think ill have too much difficulty.

Merry Christmas,
Happy New Year,
Happy Hanukkah,
Happy Kwanzaa,
Happy Holidays…

From one atheist to all of you, regardless of your faith.

Mut-a-Day – 3 mutators in 3 days

The past three days I have been in a haze of UScript. I have learned more in the last weekend about Unreal tournament than I know about my own game and squirrel, and that is a great thing. I spent a good 19 hours starting Friday night and going through to 11pm this evening, pausing only for food and a Red Dwarf marathon with my dad, and have coded out three Mutators for Unreal Tournament. They are all up on the site, ready to roll, working over the internet, configurable, and most of all… they are written by me.

Also of note – my wordpress video tags extension upload has finally been approved.

They are of course all on the software releases page. Go ahead and take a look.

so okay, Gneu updates

I finally set up the automatic backup for every portion of my site, including the wiki and forums. I spent about 4 hours configuring the app to run itself properly and email me like I want it to and so forth, but now its on autopilot so woo hoo!

Secondly, some of you may have already noticed a release was made this past week. I know its simple but I would love to hear your thoughts on the mutator as it is my first and as such is extremely simple.

I have also been doing quite a bit of work on the wiki in the last week. It looks like I am going to be able to get back into my books and tutorial writing sooner than I had expected, and since everything I do is backed up, it will be that much more fun to do it without worrying about my fucking host being dumb again.


WP, Video Tags & Mutators, Oh Boy!

Yesterday I spent some time cleaning up my WordPress plug-in and boy did it go well. I replaced my previous YouTube and Google video plug-ins with a single plug-in that just plain kicks ass. Please feel free to go jump into the software releases and check it out.

In other news, I have been hard at work coding my first UT Mutators. Unfortunately I don’t know UScript nearly as well as I know CPP or PHP. I’ve had a couple hiccups and will hopefully sort them out by tonight, as I really want to start releasing them.