Developer Update 3 – General Updates + RELEASE!

When we first started working on this, neither Ken nor I knew that things would get this popular. We are incredibly happy to have so much positive interest in the game, let alone the criticism and support that has been shared. With the praise aside, we bring you Exodus 1.0.3 – Enjoy.

This release includes a number of general tweaks.

Difficulties are now working, appropriately. The values for each are not exactly well tweaked, but its a great leap forward and I hope that further input will give us the input we need to help hone the game into something useful. Be careful on the smaller planets. Your orbit is about 100x more important when you get in closer – hint! hint!

The UI and Visual tweaks that so many of you were happy to see are included in this release. I am still working with our UI/UX engineer to get his mockups into place, so expect a rather significant update in a future release.

Localization support has been implemented. I will be compiling a list of the phrases that we use throughout the game, and given that google is an acceptable tool for some of you – I will be calling on you to help our team localize the game. As it stands the game defaults to english and the mechanics for localization are yet to be integrated – but in due time every language from Aari to Zuni.

Grab the latest release, take a dive into the chaos that is Exodus and let us know what your thoughts are!

1.0.3 DownloadSteamDesura | Forums

And now introducing Vimeo!

Happy May Everyone! 9 Days left until the big 25!

Lets start celebrating now! Below you will see a couple new additions to the embedded films category. I have just completed a rewrite of my bracket tags plugin which will soon be available on the wordpress site. I hope to get some popularity going with it, so please keep your eyes open.

If you are interested in the plugin it will be on the software releases soon.


  • Justification
  • Per Video Controllable Width
  • Auto Aspect Ratio Scaling based off of width (Default 4:3 but accepts many others)
  • Text/Blurb hotlink to video’s original host
  • Added Vimeo tag
  • Entirely class encapsulated (no global polution)

Future enhancements may include a configuration menu to control the default maximum width, some form of style additions to the videos, changes to the default messages, etc.