Downtime? Lets get jiggy with it.

Oh how i love shared hosting.


I have performed a security audit of the server that your account is hosted on. Another user on the server had his/her account compromised. The attacker ran several perl based IRC bots and DDoS scripts which were using a considerable amount of bandwidth. I have secured this account and removed these malicious perl scripts. Your site’s load time has improved considerably. Please let us know if you have any more questions or concerns regarding this issue.

-Charlie S.
Surpass Hosting Abuse Team

Yesterdays Downtime… =(

It’s really too bad. Some times things go well, but often things fall apart before they are able to blossom. One such thing is my website, and it fell apart yesterday for reasons that need to be discussed herein. From around 4pm until at least 12midnight I was locked out of my site and it was not able to control or research anything. I had no response from the people of my hosting company, Surpass Hosting, until nearly 7:45pm, and only after both Mike and I had submitted tickets looking for reasoning for the downtime. The full story is still coming.