Two Search boxes?!?!

Adding Google Search to my site was more of a bother than previously expected. Quite unfortunately it added further complication to my site, and while some of its features are amazing, I have become increasingly frustrated with the results of the searches. In particular, trying to track down older posts creates a bit of a twilight zone situation in that Google has indexed my site countless times over the past 2 years. The search results include web pages that not only don’t exist, but were on sites that have long gone the way of the trash can, so it becomes quite complicated to actually track down what was said back in the day.

In other news I wanted to let you all in on some interesting time capsule type information. I have been able to track down my previous website ( through the wayback machine. it’s really quite interesting to look back at how I used to write and the language I used. I have found it quite fun to read my previous blog posts and have moved a couple over here just for posterities sake. Specifically, give the haikus a glimpse.


I have done some testing and while WP still has some performance hits i have taken to disabling the HTML Purified plugin which has helped with the performance considerably. Im still not satisfied completely, but its a start. Id like to get page loads down around 2s on the high side, but im still getting 4-7s loads, even with Super-Cache.

With time, the Google search will, undoubtedly, be the better choice. I just need to find out how to influence them. =)