Search Working

Rioghan the Search Dog

My apologies to all of you who have been trying to get around on my site, and being shown absolutely nothing on the search. I installed a plug-in called Search Unleashed and its really a piece of work. No excuses, though – the search is finally working and i cant complain about it.

Dreamhost sent me a letter complaining about my percentage use and deleted my SEO plug-in in an effort to solve that. =( It was possibly the most irritating thing to happen in all of July, so please bear with me. I have been running this craziness on my own server and seen no spike because of SEO, the primary bastard was Search Unleashed.

Indexing for search is a process that lots of applications have to handle. The catch being that you are unable to do it without slamming the server. Search Unleashed is neat, in that it provides a few options, only problem is that each time you change anything it has to re-index, and it only provides a means to do it en-masse.

  • It clears the cache if you change the index type
  • It clears the cache when you update the plug-in
  • It clears the cache when you change an option

And it wont index periodically.

Instead of crying i will simply say that it is frustrating and cover my mouth.