5 Minutes for a Game Engine

I may have a radical view of how life is supposed to continue, but I can’t help it, I am a visionary. My mind is not willing to settle for less than mediocrity and well, SJSU has been shoveling mediocrity ever since I landed. This semester has already proven to be more involved than anything in my past time, and not necessarily all for the bad.

Our first assignment in the game programming class was to research and use a game engine. We were asked to look into things like how they import content, handle collision detection and even a bit on how to build a level in their given editor. This research sparked the previous blog post, because I thought my instructor was putting me on, but lucky enough for me I didn’t have to cover it.

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Assembly And White

This quarter i am taking Assembly, so i have some serious ground being laid in the counting in hex dept. I think it has gone quite well so far this quarter. I am taking a monstrous load but shockingly the added pressure seems to be putting me at ease elsewhere in my life. Which brings us to White!

Yeserday was the inaugural day of the commencement of White. My team of 7+ (I say seven plus because there are many that have shown interest in joining the project) has made me very proud. The LOTG project appears to have finally been shelved, the squad is mute these days, and i can’t blame them. Our project is coming together nicely, almost in spite of the previous debacle. We spent the better part of the last 3 weeks doing nothing but organization (and i don’t think thats done) and documentation. We are going to have a private alpha at the end of the month. Everyone who is interested in taking part please email me, you know where I am!