Languages Span!

I have often been caught in the cross fire of the ongoing and awfully brutal and emotional language wars. I am a C programmer by choice and a PHP/Perl Developer by trade, so I get some of the most heated and misfortunate of the angry or emotionally charged responses from people who just do not know a god damned thing about what they are talking about. Scarier is when I hear absurdities from people who actually do know something about their topic. For some reason they want to stick their toes into my pool and do not like the temperature of the water so they go into a tirade about how I should change the color of the water with some dye and install a heater, oh and the chlorine content is too low or too high and algae will form; who knows, maybe you should add this algae snake as well to keep it from getting to the bottom! I apologize for the extended analogy here but it stands. It is important that Comp Sci. and Developers alike learn at least one thing about languages before they enter the market and end up coding themselves into a corner – There is no such thing as a language level, Languages Span!

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New Schedule…

I have been testing out QCodo over the last week and a half with nothing more than a smile on my face when things are created when I tell them to be, and it reminded me of my old days, when I wrote applications from scratch always and wasted who knows how much time trying to create queries and fold data into a format that I was interested in, and of all the things I could do with myself, I never once felt that I was doing too much work…

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thar be Framewarks hyar?

this weekend I was in a limbo, bouncing in-between coding and studying for my final, which I aced thank you… All of the work I put into the event system back in the day was finally brought to fruition, allowing me to build an entire module in only an hour. The OOP module system that I put together, while far from flawless, has more than served its purpose in speeding up my development and allowing me to stay true to the charges I had made back in December. The question is, when will I be done with Audrey, or more so, when will she be done with me?

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