Featured on ModDB again

Mod DB

Project: White was featured on the mod db modcast and video vignette. The review was… sub par to be honest, but they did say some key things. Here is a transcript:

I guess we’ll go on to what I’ve been playing.

Since it’s near spotlight time, I’ve been playing a lot of the featured releases that i’ve missed. One of them is Project: White, which is the new release that came out.

It’s interesting, it’s kind of like they’ve taken Unreal Tournament 2003, and they’ve added like, extra game types with cover mechanics in there as well.

So, there’s not really any… there’s actually there’s no servers for this, which is kind of disappointing.

There’s a few maps where the bots kind of uh… it was a little broken to be honest.

One of the maps where you … it’s push kind of like what they have in Decadence, except it’s all in one map, it doesn’t change. sort of thing.

so there’s capture points that you need to get to in order to get to the next one. but if you lose one you have to go back and try to get the one you just lost, sort of thing.

So it’s back and forth like that. But playing with bots, the game ended like three seconds into the game. I had no idea what was going on there.

There was another map, where it’s kind of like capture the hill in a small arena where the bots kind of like ran around the outside.

That’s really it. Like, there’s not really much there… but the cover mechanics were pretty cool.

The question is, is it better or worse than Unreal Tournament 3 – Campaign Mode?

To be honest, i really couldn’t care about the Campaign Mode.

It was really bad, is what I’m saying. Like, it was really bad.

it just needs more work. it needs dedicated servers; it needs a community.

Other than that, like, it would probably work if it wasn’t with bots, you know what i mean? There’s only so much you can do with bots.

I don’t want to be misinterpreted here – This attention was great. I appreciate every time that our game is brought up in conversation and to be honest, there is no such thing as bad publicity. The problem here is specifically that the guys over at moddb don’t like to notify anyone about their plans to feature their game.

If they had taken a moment to email me they would have been quick to hear about our release being planned for today and what the team is addressing. If they had hopped in our IRC channel they would have easily found our team willing and able to help them through the issues they presented, at least the ones that were addressable.

We don’t have public servers; we don’t have bot support; we have a small community and we have a small group of developers, and we are addressing many things. A couple issues were addressed in comments, and our team is working CURRENTLY on setting up public servers as well. I will be running one locally at my house in less than a week.

All excuses and complaints aside, i think its good that they actually got the game in their list, although again, it would have been nice if they had worked closer with us to ensure this release was better supported by their team. It would surely benefit both of us.