Gneu Manager Updates

I just finished adding projects being able to be created, and listed! Yay, im ahead of schedule. I have a week to pull together some of the more intricate items, and do some error checking and then im done. Projects are working! Users are working! Three cheers for speed.

I’m even thinking about adding tasks to the listing, which shouldn’t be too difficult.

Ah the hysteria has set in…

Apparently in-between PHP 4 and 5 the system I had designed stopped working. = I am hitting the drawing board and scrapping my previous design. Hopefully this wont take me too long to revise.

What is the issue?

In short – I am hitting a brick wall in trying to call methods with the call_user_func. It’s not calling anything and its killing the page, so I cant get anything out of it. I am going to hit and track something down, soon enough I hope. I will explain things in better detail this evening when I figure it out.


Wow that was fun, apparently i was hitting the issue on another function. I have it all sorted out, and again I’m moving forward. Users are now able to login/out/change their password & update their internal information. All is moving again, i will write a less brief post a bit later, but suffice to say that things are calm in the seas again.

next-> User Administration & Registration.

Changing directions – monumental changes for Gneu and its manager…

I have recently been doing a lot of reading, about Anthropology, taxonomy, and more than anything else, software development. A book you all should give a heft has definitely touched my heart in a number of ways. Dreaming in code – a documentary of the process from conception on of an open source software project called Chandler which is still in development. Many of you may already know that I have been driving my own open source venture, and It’s been just as shaky, if not more so because I have not got the driven individuals to work along side as they do.

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Pick a project any project.

this is going to be a great test for us as programmers, to choose an application, and stick to the development of it through to the end. I have already made a few suggestions to get the creative juices flowing and will soon be moving them to the project manager that is going to be used, until the one I have devised comes to fruition. This will test our endurance, will and our ingenuity in many ways, since we are working as a team we will have to plan out our steps before we take them, and make sure that anything that comes up is taken into account for the rest of the progress of the mod.

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Planned release tonight?!

Yesterday I had a billion things to do, but today is going to be launch of version 1.0 of my app. The current state is not the best but it works out well enough that I’m willing to hand it out to the community and get some input. If all goes well ill start working on the C++ version of the app and everything will be 10x more fun. Currently if you are interested in playing around with it you need to have the .net 2.0 runtimes installed and working and a mod.

I’m going to put some work into the localization UI and try to figure out why its irritating me so much. Ill be in touch a little later, expect a link to a .RAR a little later.