And now introducing Vimeo!

Happy May Everyone! 9 Days left until the big 25!

Lets start celebrating now! Below you will see a couple new additions to the embedded films category. I have just completed a rewrite of my bracket tags plugin which will soon be available on the wordpress site. I hope to get some popularity going with it, so please keep your eyes open.

If you are interested in the plugin it will be on the software releases soon.


  • Justification
  • Per Video Controllable Width
  • Auto Aspect Ratio Scaling based off of width (Default 4:3 but accepts many others)
  • Text/Blurb hotlink to video’s original host
  • Added Vimeo tag
  • Entirely class encapsulated (no global polution)

Future enhancements may include a configuration menu to control the default maximum width, some form of style additions to the videos, changes to the default messages, etc.

Spreading myself thin

Taking on too much is always a problem with myself. I find that I am often unable to realize how deeply invested I am in the various projects I pick up along the way. School and work are two of the most powerful time saps in my life, but I rarely feel the challenge from either of those. I find myself looking for challenge in picking up and accepting projects from the world around me. The pattern repeats itself – I feel unchallenged, I pick up a project, pick up another and another and another and so forth until I have myself so deeply submerged into the added responsibilities that I eventually burn out and give up on everything.I am currently working at about 60% of my ability, and I’ve been ignoring my tasks for long enough. I have to spend a few minutes organizing myself and getting the projects I have been working on over the last year or so, and id like to bring you with me.

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Replication of Variables in UScript – Take 1

There is a problem with my replicated mutators. They rely on the Tick function to force things to be replicated properly. The issue being that the tick function is called in between every frame being rendered to the screen and as such may impact game responsiveness or create lag under some conditions. I chose this method because of one simple reason – it worked. Replication is one of those issues where if you don’t get it working just right things don’t work. The straw that broke the camels back is often something that is misunderstood or possibly just something a developer is ignorant to. Getting replication working in the first place is often the accomplishment of many of us.

That said, it has become a goal of mine to better understand replication and I will not be working on anything else until I get my mind around how to network this shit.

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Database Module v 0.8.3

Attached is a version of the database interaction classes that we here at gneu use when working on specialty built web applications, and also on the application that our name is added to GneuManager. I suggest you check out the PDF, which documents the usage of the application, and get yourself a little PHP to get crazy with.


Update 5/13/07:
I have included a set of unfinished functions to add in to control error checking better and fight SQL injection.

The most recent version of this tool will always be available as a part of GneuManager.

Audrey is nearly complete.

I am about 4 functions away from having her fleshed out, and its been rather interesting to solve some of the more influential issues, which ill go into more detail about at a later time. So far the following are working, and I consider myself to have done it rather well.

  • Users
    • Register (Create)
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  • Project
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    • Listing
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    • List tasks
    • Create Tasks