The last week has been amazing!

The Mod has taken a couple huge steps forward and uncovered a couple bugs in the mod switch in the process. I successfully incorporated the mod switch last night, so our release is no longer held up by that road block. I spent a good 12 hours on the incorporation and although I’m not entirely satisfied with the way it looks right now, it is nice to be able to say it is ours.

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Damn those Children

It has always bugged me that people tend to not watch their children in public these days. Its rather irritating when you are out in public, say eating with a beautiful woman with gorgeous breasts and a fantastically aligned smile, and up walks this little heathen of a child that even would make god scream and run out of the room hysterically pulling tufts of his hair out and wondering why he hadnt waited on setting loose the flood on the world. Well, i am not of his power, but i am of his mind, because i know that we are flawed and this child is a prime example. Drool down his chin; Barbequeue sauce on the bib; Shrill scream just at the right tone to break glasses and of course make common brained adults lose their minds.

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Assembly And White

This quarter i am taking Assembly, so i have some serious ground being laid in the counting in hex dept. I think it has gone quite well so far this quarter. I am taking a monstrous load but shockingly the added pressure seems to be putting me at ease elsewhere in my life. Which brings us to White!

Yeserday was the inaugural day of the commencement of White. My team of 7+ (I say seven plus because there are many that have shown interest in joining the project) has made me very proud. The LOTG project appears to have finally been shelved, the squad is mute these days, and i can’t blame them. Our project is coming together nicely, almost in spite of the previous debacle. We spent the better part of the last 3 weeks doing nothing but organization (and i don’t think thats done) and documentation. We are going to have a private alpha at the end of the month. Everyone who is interested in taking part please email me, you know where I am!

Trying not to burn my Cake

I am working on a revision of the plan i had with GManager that i will share shortly, once i get it peer reviewed, that will be leveraging many libraries that i had previously ignored for lack of experience i suppose. The new revision is looking to be quicker to develop, depending on the speed at which i read through my cook book!

the options will be either CodeIgniter or CakePHP

heh, ill be in touch.


This past weekend!

This past weekend was quite hectic. I went hiking, running, went to the mall, and… built out the basis of the new Atheist Nation Chat Engine. This project is my introductory project in use with JQuery publicly and I must say its been fun. The current chat engine has a few more features, but they are slowly being incorporated into the system and I think that it should be usable as a replacement in a couple days (assuming my workload doesn’t skyrocket again).

Atheist Nation Chat Engine Architecture – A lesson in scalability

An application is said to be scalable when it can be expanded to accept further load. There is still much debate over the ability for any particular language to scale, but applications certainly deserve such requirements. I recently was accepted into a consulting and development role for [Atheist Nation] – here after referred to as AN – which is a website that features a crafty chat room that is used for debate, socialization and shooting the shit, but also poses a threat to the stability of the site through what are called raids. Similar to the way a [DOS] works or the so-called [Digg effect], a raid is a massive influx to the site which causes the server to peg its processor and eventually lead to the host either dying or at least being bogged down.

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