Firearms: Source – Developer Log

About two and a half months ago I agreed to come back to the FA:S team, to help sort out the state of things, get a programmer back into the ranks and help shove the project out the door. The first few weeks were pretty good, exploratory research and all this, but as you may have guessed – much has changed and of those things that have changed I am not happy with much of it. Part of the problem of having closed doors is that no-one sees in, no one can comment and those that are inside get a jaded view of things.

Firearms is no outlier in that regard.

Over the last 148 weeks there were many plans, many ideas and many other implementations that lead the team to its current state, most of which has been for not. The game has evolved into another silly CounterStrike clone, albeit with more accurately animated weaponry and push gameplay. They also went through a gungame phase where the project took a wild bend for the comically tragic.

When Projects get this old, Firearms has been in development on the Source engine for nearly 10 years under many different managers and teams, so it has had a number of incarnations that have come and gone, each slowly pulling away from the original. To be quite frank, it feels like the first time I played Halo 2, where the health/shield regen thing became the norm to speed up combat and get people to use cover. The shock to the system has been tough to understand but it is not difficult to see why.

Many players may be aware of the news posts and updated UI screenshots and such along the way, but very few people played it that were not testers, and when you have the same 30 people playing a game over and over without the target audience getting ahold of it, the gradual changes to damage values and hit box multipliers start to add up.

We are currently narrowing in on a releasable state, with guidance from Vinnie, myself and a couple other key members, but the technical front is always going to need work. Our release is going to be used to test and see who is interested, hopefully a lot of people, hopefully they will forgive our tardiness.

June: No Facebook

The USP MatchIt looks like i may be moving back to Source to help out the FA:S team. As many of you may already know, many of the games that i have worked on over the last decade have been inspired by the work done on FireArms (FA). One of the developers that took part in that project, a guy nick named Maz0r, is someone I’ve idolized for a long time.

He is heading up the programming of FA:S now and i will be working with him =D

Hopefully i wont let him down. =)

I have also found that i am far too interested in my friends events and bullshit on facebook, so in an effort to weed that out of myself im going to be cutting back. June is cold turkey month. I am blocking the website from my browser and redirecting all requests to my blog. Hopefully ill be able to get back to a respectable level of development.

Currently my projects for the summer include updating the VBT plugin, adding a new plugin revolving around libraries and books being read. I am also working on getting resources together for the rewrite of Project White. One good Samaritan has already begun the rewrite of the cover and third person camera.

If all works out, ill also be working on FA:S and helping out on that project. I haven’t touched Source in a while (3 years) but i got it all set up again last night, so things are moving again. Hopefully ill be comfortable as i used to be this week. The only complication i can think of is my Screenwriting class requiring my time. All of my pages (Some 100 pages or so) are due on June 8th. It will be quite difficult, but i think i can make it. I’ve scrapped my scene list a few times, and revised entire segments of it

Life may allow me to get things straight, but it may not. Only time will tell.

Project: White A Success!

LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM - JUNE 30: A cave troll ...

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

I am here-by declaring Project: White to be a success. I went out last night and partied like it was 1999. I enjoyed myself like no one’s business, to an extent. You may be wondering how on earth anyone can be certain about such a nebulous term as Success!? What on earth could this guy be talking about? I can hear you all now, “Use a more substantive term”, “Don’t be so presumptive, Sir!” And to these people I say HA!

Project White has had its first troll, and we are absolutely hysterical with laughter. Thanks for the 1 star, and the shitty comment. Good Job, Sir!

This is the first project I have worked on which has a following like it does. Every release is followed by a new wave of viewers with new opinions and more positive reinforcement. I have run into more than a dozen people at my universities that knew about my mod before I had ever talked to them, finding it through ModDB or the UTForums, primarily. My team continues to blow my mind and make me want to push myself even harder to make this project even better. And it continues to evolve, to this day.