Hades Progress #4 – Threaded Terrain

Last week I posted a presentation overview of the performance gains that I found in switching over to a GPU masking implementation of rendering the terrain for Hades and I cannot say I was more satisfied with how things went.

Since then I have spent a lot of time optimizing, learning why you cannot overlap reference and value types in structs and trying to get the final pieces of the first phase of the game to come together. I have come to the conclusion that until I wean myself off of distractions I will likely be destined to spin my wheels. But there is always performance to be had.

That said, lets look slightly deeper into the terrain implementation.

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Hades Progress Report #1

This semester I am taking a game programming and design class. While there have already been a few hiccups and overturned smiles in class there is something to be said for putting the material to use. I am in the process of building a game called Hades, a 2D game about digging that is of similar thread to Minecraft or Terraria, but with a bit more guidance, and of course built by me. 

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Day 1 – Same Project, New Ambitions

I have worked in and around Project: White for nearly seven years now. Each incarnation finds its way to the bit bin to be recycled and evolved into the next; each a step closer to a dream of my own; each a stepping stone away from being a photo clerk and toward being a Game Developer. Project: White has allowed me to help define my understanding of fun and beauty as it has moved from my mind into the Source engine, to UT3 and even now as it takes a firm foothold in the UDK. This project is literally undying.

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