Actually doing work is hard

My time to spend at GDC this year has expired and well, I have to say it was much more interesting this year than it was last year. I spent a good portion of two days either on BART or in talks at GDC trying to keep my back from hurting in their crummy chairs. Now that it is over though, I have had some time to look back over it and build a better understanding of what I paid for.

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5 Minutes for a Game Engine

I may have a radical view of how life is supposed to continue, but I can’t help it, I am a visionary. My mind is not willing to settle for less than mediocrity and well, SJSU has been shoveling mediocrity ever since I landed. This semester has already proven to be more involved than anything in my past time, and not necessarily all for the bad.

Our first assignment in the game programming class was to research and use a game engine. We were asked to look into things like how they import content, handle collision detection and even a bit on how to build a level in their given editor. This research sparked the previous blog post, because I thought my instructor was putting me on, but lucky enough for me I didn’t have to cover it.

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ACM Presentation – What is it like to work in the industry?

ACM Presentation – Academia v. Workplace by Bob Chatman