Trying not to burn my Cake

I am working on a revision of the plan i had with GManager that i will share shortly, once i get it peer reviewed, that will be leveraging many libraries that i had previously ignored for lack of experience i suppose. The new revision is looking to be quicker to develop, depending on the speed at which i read through my cook book!

the options will be either CodeIgniter or CakePHP

heh, ill be in touch.


Languages Span!

I have often been caught in the cross fire of the ongoing and awfully brutal and emotional language wars. I am a C programmer by choice and a PHP/Perl Developer by trade, so I get some of the most heated and misfortunate of the angry or emotionally charged responses from people who just do not know a god damned thing about what they are talking about. Scarier is when I hear absurdities from people who actually do know something about their topic. For some reason they want to stick their toes into my pool and do not like the temperature of the water so they go into a tirade about how I should change the color of the water with some dye and install a heater, oh and the chlorine content is too low or too high and algae will form; who knows, maybe you should add this algae snake as well to keep it from getting to the bottom! I apologize for the extended analogy here but it stands. It is important that Comp Sci. and Developers alike learn at least one thing about languages before they enter the market and end up coding themselves into a corner – There is no such thing as a language level, Languages Span!

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Atheist Nation Chat System

Its actually an ingenious design that leverages AJAX/Javascript along side PHP. It is literally as complex as what used to be called a shout box, although the shoutboxes of my time were nearly always static and didn’t require you to even touch databases if you so chose. Strictly speaking, my previous post was covering some of the more apparent and obvious issues with the design of the chat system that AN was using; this will be an overview of the design and some direction that we are intending to proceed with the project. I will be including some of the code here for references, but rest assured the table, field and even the queries will be altered in order to protect the integrity of the system.

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Code Example #1 – Per File Execution Testing

In my projects i often come across or up with cute pieces of code that i think may be interesting to others. Instead of hoarding i will be posting them (possibly in sub pieces) so you can take part in the fun.

Todays Fragment: Per File Execution Testing

You can use this piece of code to test the file being executed and perform unit testing or output debug information as necessary. It can also, as is being used here, be used to redirect the user away from executing this page.


I dont think the exit is entirely necessary, but it may be dependent upon the server’s configuration.

PHP States

I received an email a couple days ago from a UScript developer who was interested in applying something that seems to be pretty useful in UScript to provide a similar interface in PHP5. States. UScript pt States provide a developer with a means of encapsulating code, much the same way many of us have been doing for a long time with switches, and define methods and change their desired functionality.

    case "quick":
        include "overview.php";
    case "full-view":
        include "full.php";
        include "frontpage.php"

This may not be the best example for switches and their functionality, I don’t even suggest you necessarily use this, but it shows one thing. Changing functionality, based on variables. I am looking into a solution that is not only useful, but is at least readable.

this past weekend was quite an exciting one

this past weekend was quite an exciting one

Today is my dad’s birthday, I saw some friends I had been neglecting for far too long, and I kick started work on OMS. For those of you who are new to Gneu and our delusions of grandeur I’m sure this would come as a bit of a shock, but we intend to make a game. Not just any game, mind you, but one that is not made for everyone. It is going to be tailored to the concept of emulation of reality. We have quite a few notes about our goals up on the wiki, and I have another 12 paragraphs to add in the coming weeks. Some important links are at the end of this article.

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