Bridgette & Birthdays!

Bridgette has come and brought a lot of things to light in the last three weeks. She is definitely an attractive woman, nice long legs and a great set of toes to match. I even took her out to dinner a couple times to show her off to some friends, but unfortunately for me, she isn’t very well off in the dependability and is very insecure. I guess this is what I was looking at as a small hurdle when I chose her name; Bridgette was a girl I was an inch away from dating back in high school, she was amazing if you ignored her insecurity. The one thing I’ve been sure to agree with… you can’t turn a ho into a house wife. Tough shit eh?

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the Adventures of CodeMan

Vanity overtook me in the summer of 2004. I rose from a mild mannered student to someone who had an opinion and the will to use it, and occasionally impose it on others, including my instructors who often didn’t know anything about the topic being taught (Flash ActionScript for instance). My times at Swallowbush were becoming overly composed of discussion on the forums about the game I was modding at the time, and less of functionality and education. This was when I realized that my life had changed, some for the better and some for the worse. When the dust cleared I felt like a super hero; I will refer to myself in the transition between student and coder as CodeMan.

Nuh nuh, nuh nuh, nuh nuh, nuh nuh CodeMan. Crash…

I always wanted to do that.

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taking Care of Business…

Over the weekend I got in contact with someone who had used my OBJ -> SMD converter and had found a bug. The issue was pretty easy to fix, so I took some time to fix it. It was pretty straight forward, and has been attached, below.

Gneu Manager

The last week of development of our project manager has been slow. Being tied up in other things has definitely impacted my progress, but for the most part, I’ve just been unmotivated. Today we talk about why that has changed.

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Managers for my managers…

I have great news, and it blew my mind when I realized how well it worked. In order to explain I will have to convey reason behind my development over the last 2 weeks. To those who don’t know, I have been spear heading an open source project called GneuManager, a project management suite that beings new meaning to modular. The last two weeks I have been putting the finishing touches on the interaction and caching on the back end of the application, let me explain…

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New Years resolutions #1

Resolution #1 – Finish my C Programming Wiki book

Nearly two years in the making I have done very little in regards to upkeep or expansion of my C Wiki book. I am pledging now to take as much time as it takes to have this book finished this year, or at least displaying the proper information and not be as sparse as I currently have left it.

Resolution #2 – Get the PHP & Perl Wiki books underway

I have had a number of issues with getting the PHP book rolling, mainly I don’t have the time, similar to what’s going on with the C programming Wiki book, but I have a hell of a lot more to say in relation to PHP than C, because I’ve been working with PHP & Perl for nearly five years now, and just need to attach a spigot to my head and let the information seep out.