Ruby, oh yea, its on Rails

I nearly forgot yesterday that Ruby has a train following it about. It has been growing in popularity over the last few years as it has become more and more well known as the language used behind a growing number of applications, such as campfire for instance. I have no complaints about it though, its actually a very useful language. My problem, as is often the case, falls on ignorance and the terrible practices of fearing languages.

When someone approaches me and asks me if I know Ruby on Rails I have to answer, quite politely the first time, no. I don’t know Ruby on Rails any more than I do QCodo, PHPCake or any other of the dozens of web frameworks. The attachment of “on Rails” to Ruby has really ruined, at least in my mind, the possible momentum that could be enjoyed by Ruby as has been enjoyed by other languages like, Perl or Python. The fact that these later languages names begin with the letter P should not lead anyone to believe that they are P-opular. All of the languages that I have experience with have their place in my heart and a place in my development practices. From my point of view, pinning “on Rails” onto Ruby weakens the message that many of us have already taken to learning.

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so okay, Gneu updates

I finally set up the automatic backup for every portion of my site, including the wiki and forums. I spent about 4 hours configuring the app to run itself properly and email me like I want it to and so forth, but now its on autopilot so woo hoo!

Secondly, some of you may have already noticed a release was made this past week. I know its simple but I would love to hear your thoughts on the mutator as it is my first and as such is extremely simple.

I have also been doing quite a bit of work on the wiki in the last week. It looks like I am going to be able to get back into my books and tutorial writing sooner than I had expected, and since everything I do is backed up, it will be that much more fun to do it without worrying about my fucking host being dumb again.


Dean – Playmate. Red & White

This weekend I finally broke down and picked up my first guitar. I am officially picking up the guitar as my instrument of choice, and hopefully by this time next year I will be comfortable enough to play something and put it up here. I have a modest goal of being able to play jingle bells by Christmas and maybe serenading a special woman for new years; it feels good to be able to say that I kinda play an instrument. It is probably my largest regret from my youth. Too much time spent learning how computers work and too little spent learning an instrument. Saturday things changed.

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Developer Responsibility

As developers we often forget that users put a lot of trust in us to do not just the most efficient and expedient thing to make sure their experience between landing on our site and finally purchasing those tanned buffalo leather swim shorts is quick and easy, but also to do the right thing with their information. We often fail to scrutinize data properly, adding weak points into our applications and possibly providing the information we have stored to a person with less naive motives. We are on the front lines of data security, although most of us only have a pail and a tooth brush and are not expecting any attacks or unscrupulous users to come our way.

Little do we know, our past is pock marked with horrible events of user security and we need to be prepared. Many of you may not realize how insecure the internet fundamentally is. Two and three factor authentication is now the norm, and VPN is now the only way to conduct any business with anyone on a network. There are worms, and SQL injection and many other forms of malicious entities out there. We cant possibly guard ourselves and sites from them all. The net is fundamentally a battleground; a battle between good and evil that will go on for eternity. Where one man stops and says … “I cannot be hacked!” … another picks up and tears them apart. The only thing we can really do is protect the information so that when we are hacked nothing of any value is lost.

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Bad Code

I have some serious issues with what I am about to say, but please bear with me.

Development is as much an art, as much a science, as much a skilled and science driven thing, as air is fun to breathe. Sometimes I get energetic about being able to expand my rib cage and feel the cool air flowing through into my lungs, helping me expand them more, and I continue expanding until I cannot quite expand them any more and I sit. I stretch out my rib cage, allowing my muscles to wonder when they are going to receive their oxygen and close my eyes. It is a lot like holding my breath, only I am not intending to turn blue.

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Gneu Updates – Bring on the Ogre


It’s been a long summer, and I have been quite a busy bee, so please bear with me as we go through the updates to Gneu over the last 3 months.


I turned 24 in may and made the choice to get my life straightened out and headed in the direction I have known it was supposed to be going for quite some time. I am a programmer at heart and intend on making an impact in a few lives by the time my carpals and tunnels give way to old age. My route is going to be game development and as such I have been moving, steadily, towards understanding game engines and architecture in ways I had no idea about only months ago.

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