stances are done 1.4.8

I have the bases all covered on my stance system and it is almost in a release able state. I fixed the issue with the transitions getting fucked up when a player dies, it was a networking issue, and hit another issue that is actually a hundred times more irritating, and was simple to work around.

The game movement is controlled by a single static class. What this means for the programming aspect is that the way I had coded stances would not work. Watching the following video will give you a demo of the issue and rest assured it is no longer one.

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Putting my movement theory to use

the last couple days I have been working on this movement code and It’s about to break a ball. I have officially hit a rough patch and I’m not too happy with it. Basically the idea is that the code I’m writing is going to replace the movement code that is already in HL2, adding the functionality that I want:

Compile time creation of new stances
Ability to add stances dynamically
Simple Management of stances
Dynamic movement between them

Well I hit a hump a couple days ago after I finished the code related to transition. If you want to see what happened, please check this out…

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Movement theory step one completed

With some very appreciated assistance from Steven_M64, I have successfully replaced the movement code in HL@, with my own that actually works as I wanted it to, with a simpler interface for the programmer to control it. Now I can add as many stances as I wish without having to recode everything. Check out the video to see what im talking about:


Whats next? good question, and I’d love to tell you but I don’t want to spoil the surprise. G’night everyone.

Movement Theory A

Changing controls from hat people are used to, is often a mistake. Things like usability and the fact that people are used to the way things worked and expect them to work that way in the future drive a lot of that. In recent years many so called tactical games are moving away from the keyboard layout that many were used to, and into a much more controlled system that I have been incorporating into HL2 over the last week, and I have had an idea that I want to bounce off of you all.

The idea is pretty straight forward, but It’s a bit different from previous experience, so I will show you an example to make it clear. When you play a modern tactical shooter there are usually three stances, standing, crouched and prone, and there are two schools of thought in regards to how to move between them. One of the schools brings us to an issue that I will cover later, keyboard assignment cluttering, and the other is not as direct, but is still very intuitive.

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