Open letter to WhiteInternals


Without fail, every project that I head up or am a lead contributor of in the open source community, a question is handed to me with great anxiety and trepidation. For some reason I instill great uneasiness within developers because of my own work ethic and drive. This is an open letter to all of you, and those of you who are to come, to try to head this question off at the pass by giving a public and broad wave of the hands sort of answer to the grand question – What do you expect out of us?

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Today in Gneu

I wanted to let you all in on the progress that went on today and this weekend…

The ANChat system is progressing, quite quickly i feel, towards completion. Te banning and unbanning system went in and some other minor issues. It is practically completed. I am actually quite excited and look forward tot he next time that i get to hit it as hard as i did saturday night.

Gneu’s new host is going to be a fantastic relationship. I have been nothing but pleased by the support and performance that i have experienced thus far and hope that it continues as such.

Now for the meat of the news. OMS is being put back on the table.

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LOTG Weapons!

Hello everyone

UT3 Development is back in full swing. My inspiration is back and for the sake of argument i pose a question. Do you love video progress reports? I think i know the answer and because of that i am going to be posting a few million or so videos about the progress i am making with LOTG. I strongly suggest you all keep your eyes open and focused on the future.

Ill keep you appraised!

Firing Modes

One of the first things I attempted with HL2 was firing modes and i wrote a dope tutorial about how to add it. Would you believe that the implementation of something equivalent only requires a few lines of code (far less than the hundreds i used for hl2)? Its fucking true and you can take part in the journey. I spent the better part of 3 hours working on the weapons this morning and enjoyed every moment.

check it out folks =)

iDefaultFiringMode = FM_SingleFire
aValidFiringModes(0) = FM_SingleFire
aValidFiringModes(1) = FM_BurstFire
aValidFiringModes(2) = FM_Automatic

Inspiration comes from the damnedest places!

It has been a bumpy road for me in modding, but i think i have finally found a team that I am comfortable with again, as i once was with the White development team. As with all mod teams the needs of the few often outweigh the goals of the many – specifically time is a very tough combatant when trying to build a project. We have been on a bit of a hiatus while our lives sort themselves out and as much as i hate to say it, i was a little disillusioned by it. I am here now to show a small piece of the inspiration the last two weeks has brought me to accept that our project is moving back on track (getting the derailment corrected).