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I absolutely hate advertisement bots, and i wish that their inventors would be blessed with a flesh eating virus. I have been fighting a losing battle over the last two years to regain control over my forums, claiming it back from the shitty bots, and i think i have finally figured things out.

Below is the beginnings of a script that you can run on a semi regular basis and keep your PHPBB3 Databases cleaned of ridiculous bullshit landing on your forum. Just remember to log in from time to time to resynchronize your statistics.

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My wiki is dead.

Its quite unfortunate in my eyes that it has come to this, but unfortunately I have to admit defeat. As of the 9th of November my wiki has been fouled up and unfortunately for me and having a bad backup method the wiki’s content is no longer available. I have had some discussion about this and will instead look to bring back a few select tutorials I still have through wordpress, but unfortunately I don’t have them all. My HL2 Stuff has already been migrated over to the source developers wiki and while I don’t suggest you look too hard at that stuff, I will no longer be hosting it, unless a miracle occurs and things are found.

All and all, its pretty sad, but I am more willing to write on this format now, over having three routes. I may end up reopening the wiki as my game development continues and matures, but for now I am very unhappy to say that I will be abandoning it.

Sorry folks.