Moving Sites

In celebration of the move to the UDK Project: White is going through some rejuvenation. All of the content has been moved over to a subdomain of,, where you can find all further information. This website is going to be shut down in a couple months to help streamline some of the internal information and data, as well as lighten the development load.

As for progress, Project: White is still moving and moving along pretty quickly for that matter:

  • UI Updates and optimizations in displaying information properly for the new game modes
  • I have delved into the Modeling realm to try to help minimize the stress felt on that end of the world. Maya is a beautiful program
  • We have 2 new demo maps, one for Push and one for Territorial gameplay. Both are internal, and feature a few of our own assets
  • 2 other maps are in the pipeline
    • Sussman – An industrial map revolving around a factory
    • Currie – Inside the catacombs of a city, tight quarters and battles. Life is a bottle neck
  • Code wise I have begun work on the intro sequence, with some results that will be demoed once I get things fleshed out
  • Fleshed out the details of the intro sequence as well as BioMega, changing the scope and direction a bit, but not enough to cause life to be too difficult

I have the next month and a half off of school so development will likely pick up considerably. I wish you all well, adieu

UDK 2010-11-13 21-22-55-93UDK 2010-11-13 21-36-27-35UDK 2010-11-13 21-37-35-19UDK 2010-11-13 21-38-19-31

Sussman Groundwork

UDK 2010-12-14 23-11-38-40

Push & Territorial Demo Map