Console Development

this weekend I finally faced the situation and with some assistance from a new friend and an old one, I finally got the console framed out and mechanics working, as I want them to be. Let’s take a walk through it though!

First, you should know that CEGUI is providing the GUI Framework to build this app out. As I said a couple days ago, using libraries is one of the most important things that I am planning to take advantage of. CEGUI is a complicated, and very similar to slamming the concepts of coding JavaScript and HTML with VB or C++ GUI development (Lots of function pointers and dealing with events). Woo hoo! The code is freely available, and although very messy currently because it is not in its own class yet, it is working mechanically.

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Specialization – Enjoy it

I read an article a while ago, but it never really occurred to me how important it really is. In my philosophy class yesterday we got into a discussion about human nature and how Hobbes was focused on the idea that man is selfish, in all situations and thereby needs a strong government to control them and keep them civil. John Locke, one of our founding philosophers has a different idea, that people are civil because they are forced to be good-natured and need to work together in order to form societies.

Working together implies separating tasks, specialization and segregation. As a developer this means that I will not be able to, and technically don’t need to, do everything. I can ignore some aspects of the development and rely on other peoples libraries and instead focus on bringing together the ideas that are more abstract and interesting, like bringing together my game ideas.

Specialization seems to be one of those topics that gets a lot of bad wrap, and probably because of the net bubble popping and how the super saturated environment took a nose dive because no one knew much of anything. Specialization seems to have brought itself back into the spotlight in software development because there are far too many people trying to accomplish far too much, and those who have decided to only be eight trick ponies seem to be able to push through the fray.

My first Ogre3d Release is in planning stages

With school finally under control I think I am going to gear up for a release, yes I said that shit, of what I have done with ogre3d. I am still a bit in the dark about what its going to require from me, time wise, but I think the contents are going to be as follows:

The following libraries bound to ogre to complete my engine (functionality wise)
Squirrel Scripting Language
OpenAL Audio Library
PhysX Physics Library

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