Boredom in the classroom?


There is little I enjoy more than a fabulous night with my head against my pillow in a blissful silence or with a white noise generator to keep me from thinking too damned much when I should be resting. I love it because of the warm waves of sleep as my body goes in and out of consciousness. I love it because of the silly thoughts that flood my mind as I do so – I mean who would ever want to try to plug their computer into a WIFI elephant that is swimming in the sun?

Occasionally I like to watch a movie off of Netflix and just bathe in the glow of my television as it tells me a story or shows some silly antics going on in the gulf of mexico (Seriously, taking till August is atrocious and you deserve your stock price).

What I hate is when I get those same waves in the classroom, and even more when I get them in a programming course. I have no problem admitting to anyone that programming is not glamorous, nor do I have to hide the fact that it takes a certain type of person to be able to do what I do. I happen to find the type of problem solving that I deal with quite enjoyable and energizing when it goes well, and I’ve discussed as much before.

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Inspiration comes from the damnedest places!

It has been a bumpy road for me in modding, but i think i have finally found a team that I am comfortable with again, as i once was with the White development team. As with all mod teams the needs of the few often outweigh the goals of the many – specifically time is a very tough combatant when trying to build a project. We have been on a bit of a hiatus while our lives sort themselves out and as much as i hate to say it, i was a little disillusioned by it. I am here now to show a small piece of the inspiration the last two weeks has brought me to accept that our project is moving back on track (getting the derailment corrected).