Movement Theory A

Changing controls from hat people are used to, is often a mistake. Things like usability and the fact that people are used to the way things worked and expect them to work that way in the future drive a lot of that. In recent years many so called tactical games are moving away from the keyboard layout that many were used to, and into a much more controlled system that I have been incorporating into HL2 over the last week, and I have had an idea that I want to bounce off of you all.

The idea is pretty straight forward, but It’s a bit different from previous experience, so I will show you an example to make it clear. When you play a modern tactical shooter there are usually three stances, standing, crouched and prone, and there are two schools of thought in regards to how to move between them. One of the schools brings us to an issue that I will cover later, keyboard assignment cluttering, and the other is not as direct, but is still very intuitive.

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What makes a great Modder?

Over the years I have probably been approached by mod recruiters a hundred times, promising me things like fame and fortune as long as I work on their projects. Most have failed miserably to spark any sort of interest in their projects and more often than not, they fail to get out of the gate with much of anyone, leaving much to be desired for them to actually put a team together and get serious about their ideas. The few that I have had the pleasure of working with have gained my interest through many of the same processes that the lesser known mods have, but with a twist. They have put thought into their project.

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My GUI Designer is coming along

I just finished the key values class and its rolling pretty well. Lots of the same features as the one I wrote in C++ but this one I had the honor of designing, and design I did. The class in c# is has dynamic data structures, an array list, sorted list, writing this class over in C++ has been great because I got the chance to put some thought into an old data structure I hadn’t touched in a while.

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Keys && Values

the last couple days I have been working on a C++ class that is quite interesting, and inspired by Half Life 2. HL2 is highly dependant on key value paired files, everything from the weapons to the GUI to the keys are all handled with the same system of keys and values. I recently released an application, the mod manager, which is written in C# and handles the key value files fine. I’m now moving my GUI application to C++ since I want the application to be free of dependency to .net, and I have to work my C++ magic to get the files read properly.

Ill add the file to a repository here when its done.
Keep an eye out.

Viewer Mail #1

Not all of you may know, according to a recent email about my current projects, but I am currently affiliated with the world at war mod. It is a war game fps that is based on the infamous HL2 Source Engine and has been all too much fun to jump back into. It is true however that my previous mods fell through, and the most important thing I learned from them was that you can’t get anyone to do anything they don’t want to do, unless you pay them.

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Welcome to


Yes its true, we are finally getting this thing under way. I have been hard at work in the PHP community and HL2 modding community and finally reignited my development flame so things are rolling with this thing as they should have been all along, is suppose. Either way, Welcome to the initial page and I hope you are already familiar with the wiki, but if you aren’t, you should hit that up. Ive been writing for the last year or so trying to get my thoughts on paper and help out the web community as much as I can.

There are many routes that this site can take in the coming months, but i would like to have it molded as much by what is needed as possible. I have had extensive experience with AJAX, PHP and in the last few months application building. I am not however bound to the web for development, having had the last two years to become a member of the HL2 modding community on many sites. All questions are welcome and all emails will be responded to.

Thanks and take it easy.

Ill Program idea

Being sick is definitely influencing my programming. I have been ill for the last couple days fighting back the urges to rip my nose out and give it some running shoes, and at the same time trying to piece together my HL2 Mod Manager. So here is the scoop, expect more at a later time.

I have been working on an app over the last month that will make the basic file modification of HL2 into a process that will take seconds where before it used to take minutes and multiple files.

I know what you are thinking, “Wow thats cool, but I”m too old school to use it.” Well this is where the fun begins. This app removes the need to ever go into those directories and edit things again. Create new weapons, fix weapon bucket collisions, expand your localization and add another mod, this one your own project that is just your test place before you merge it into the full build you have on your SVN. I just put some of the finishing touches on the drag and drop collision resolution stuff which was more fun than it was worth so i recoded it better just for added fun.

The app is not stand alone at its current state but will be if there is a calling for it, currently its written in C# (ergo .net Dependant).

Planned Feature List:

  • Automatically update your files with small changes without having to remember which file held what value.
  • Add & update values for your gameinfo, weapons, localization, keyboard etc.
  • Drag & Drop weapon bucket collision resolution
  • VGUI2 Graphical designer.

If you are interested in getting involved in my projects and or would like to help me test this application please email me at the usual spot (check my profile) or hit me up on AIM, I”m available as often as life permits, so please don’t be irate if i don’t hit you back quick enough. ill get around to you all.

and last but not least, I give you my mod manager:

GameInfo.txt is now:

weapon_*.txt files are now:

weapon bucket resolution util (Drag & Drop):

localization files are now: