Nearly Silent on the Western Front

It is often entertaining to watch people from a distance, noticing patterns and the like. When standing on the top of a building people look like ants, and they often move in groups, with common goals and emitting a sort of understanding of how things work. This is one of the reasons that I prefer to deal with groups of people to one on one sessions; orgies aside, unless you float that way. In the last two weeks I have had three people ask me to join their HL2 mods, one offer a paying position, and through AIM, nine people have asked me to give up my resistance to joining the ranks and pull a team together because people are fucking bored! Here is my formal notification to you all, I plan to bring together a team, so far I’ve spoken to TJMonk, Franklynd and AcidX and some other friends and it looks like I will indeed be working on another HL2 Mod.

That said, I am having a ton of people approach me about game development, and I really must answer a few questions:

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Updates – All around

Hello, Hello, Hello!

I have been working, slaving, on too many things, but here are the updates that are pertinent.

I quit WAW. The lead and I had a difference in opinion at how something should have been handled and well, I choose the other road. Leaving WAW threw me to the whales and since then I’ve been kicking the utter shit out of the to-do listing I built up on Google. The great thing is that I am feeling great. I am finally sleeping again, after nearly two months of intermittent bouts with insomnia, although I owe that to Advil PM and Benadryl, thank the all powerful being who developed that.

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Letter to the HL2 Mod Community

I began modding Source in January of 2005. I spent just about every day of the next two years doing everything in my power, free time permitting, to help the amateur modders get accustomed to the drama and pure unadulterated bullshit that was lurking just out of their sight. I was there when the community came together and I have been here watching it dwindle into the dark corner of the room that no one dares look. There is no doubt in my mind that the Source Engine is feeling under used, under appreciated and sad. More shocking to me, even though I have more than devoted two years of my life to it, a dark portion of my heart is very glad to see it as such.

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Message to all you mappers out there.

No matter the engine you use, you will find this tool useful, but first a story. I have been involved in game development for about three years now. I have worked in and around more than fifty mappers over these years and one way or another their development lags. From what I have been able to put together it is related to their planning, and I want to tell you about one of the way I experienced it, the way it should have gone and what can be done in order to make sure its done. Continue reading “Message to all you mappers out there.”

Back from the compiler land

Hey folks, long time no talk. I’ve been away working on WAW for the last few days gearing up for a release, which ended up getting pushed out, but was great none the less. For those who don’t know I’ve been working with them for about 2 months now, and met some really good people. They are always around and have accepted me in as family practically even though they have been working together for more than two years. The mod is an extension of their old mod, which someone out there may already know about being the number one inspiration for my mod, Firearms (FA for short). It’s got some very unique ideas and is for the most part just waiting on some help on the art front to catch up to everything else.

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