Not a .net Junkie, yet

Half-Life 2   s gravity gun is capable of turn...

I have been asked to begin making a gradual move into the .net languages, as there was a recent organizational change where my manager no longer works with Perl as much as he used to and wants to take me along with him to make sure his life is easy. But making the migration into the .net frame of mind is something i haven’t actually touched in a while and my friends seem to have forgotten what it was like to be a student. I on the other hand am still in school and well appreciate the utility of my abilities.

On the other hand, i could just freak out and buy up a bunch of O’Rielly books…

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WAW Post-Mortem

“It is with much regret that I have been watching from a distance as a battle has raged on; I cannot stay quiet any longer. A few days ago one of my friends brought to my attention that there was a lot of discussion going on over in the WAW forums. The team has opted to take a hiatus (meaning break – of course) from the world of HL2 modding, on the grounds that they were not enjoying it. I have no qualms with this idea, and in fact applaud them for having the balls to say such bullshit and expect many of the folks they ran over in their quest for that big fun ballroom in the sky. Seeing as no one provided any sort of post mortem, and even I skimped on the dictation from that period of nearly 6 months that I was working with them, I provide you with my side of the story. I hope It’s not taken too bad, although I really don’t care for feelings at this point.”

– Robert Chatman April 4th, 2007

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Manufacturation and why HL2 is done.

this morning I had a meeting with Mike Whitfield, Terry Moenkhaus and I met up, originally intending to meet up with the Iron Grip folks and solidify some of our issues and what not. Well that fell through. They signed someone else and so the topic fell on relief of being able to pull together an idea of our own. We talked for quite some time about what we want to do and unfortunately HL2 is not looking like it should be our focus. Most of the issues with building an HL2 mod are rather simple and hard to ignore, but one overwhelming issue is that there isn’t much that hasn’t been done. I likened it to South Park’s episode about how the Simpsons have already done everything, and they both agreed. We can rehash other game ideas but barring some new idea coming out it just doesn’t peak any of our interests.

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The votes have been tabulated…

And the winner seems to be to kick start a new HL2 mod. I would like you all to know that there have been many discussions about this and the only thing missing at this point is the game idea itself. In order to have the game come together it would be beneficial to know what our goal is, be that White, or StandOff or a Military Simulation or pong.

Terry and Mike are willing to work with me, but I don’t think it will work out as we want it to if we are the only hands in the project. Specifically we need to pick up some modelers, animators and other artists to ensure that we are able to cover the bases. From my experience however animators tend to be very hard to motivate and will surely be hard to find, so if you have a friend please have them look me up.

Nearly Silent on the Western Front

It is often entertaining to watch people from a distance, noticing patterns and the like. When standing on the top of a building people look like ants, and they often move in groups, with common goals and emitting a sort of understanding of how things work. This is one of the reasons that I prefer to deal with groups of people to one on one sessions; orgies aside, unless you float that way. In the last two weeks I have had three people ask me to join their HL2 mods, one offer a paying position, and through AIM, nine people have asked me to give up my resistance to joining the ranks and pull a team together because people are fucking bored! Here is my formal notification to you all, I plan to bring together a team, so far I’ve spoken to TJMonk, Franklynd and AcidX and some other friends and it looks like I will indeed be working on another HL2 Mod.

That said, I am having a ton of people approach me about game development, and I really must answer a few questions:

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Updates – All around

Hello, Hello, Hello!

I have been working, slaving, on too many things, but here are the updates that are pertinent.

I quit WAW. The lead and I had a difference in opinion at how something should have been handled and well, I choose the other road. Leaving WAW threw me to the whales and since then I’ve been kicking the utter shit out of the to-do listing I built up on Google. The great thing is that I am feeling great. I am finally sleeping again, after nearly two months of intermittent bouts with insomnia, although I owe that to Advil PM and Benadryl, thank the all powerful being who developed that.

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