Why You Should Learn – Node.JS

When I was in my higher math classes I was irritated. Some goofball with a powdered wig and a ton of time on his hands got drunk and poured Calculus into my Computer Science! I was appalled, considering so few of my work colleagues were using integration or derivation in their day to day, I found it incredibly difficult to accept that it would be useful in my day to day. All of this fell apart when I was tutoring algebra and heard the same damned arguments, and realized that I was in fact a fool – about that one thing in particular.

Over the years a number of languages have come and gone, allowing me the opportunity to learn them and leave them (Java, Ruby, Squirrel) but a few have stuck around proving to be quite useful, interesting and all around insightful in spite of time doing its best to wear them out (C, C++, C#, Scheme). Node happens to be the next evolution of JavaScript, a language that falls into the later camp.

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