Spreading myself thin

Taking on too much is always a problem with myself. I find that I am often unable to realize how deeply invested I am in the various projects I pick up along the way. School and work are two of the most powerful time saps in my life, but I rarely feel the challenge from either of those. I find myself looking for challenge in picking up and accepting projects from the world around me. The pattern repeats itself – I feel unchallenged, I pick up a project, pick up another and another and another and so forth until I have myself so deeply submerged into the added responsibilities that I eventually burn out and give up on everything.I am currently working at about 60% of my ability, and I’ve been ignoring my tasks for long enough. I have to spend a few minutes organizing myself and getting the projects I have been working on over the last year or so, and id like to bring you with me.

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