Audrey is nearly complete.

I am about 4 functions away from having her fleshed out, and its been rather interesting to solve some of the more influential issues, which ill go into more detail about at a later time. So far the following are working, and I consider myself to have done it rather well.

  • Users
    • Register (Create)
    • Edit
  • Project
    • Register (Create)
    • Listing
    • Edit
    • List tasks
    • Create Tasks

thar be Framewarks hyar?

this weekend I was in a limbo, bouncing in-between coding and studying for my final, which I aced thank you… All of the work I put into the event system back in the day was finally brought to fruition, allowing me to build an entire module in only an hour. The OOP module system that I put together, while far from flawless, has more than served its purpose in speeding up my development and allowing me to stay true to the charges I had made back in December. The question is, when will I be done with Audrey, or more so, when will she be done with me?

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Gneu Manager Updates

I just finished adding projects being able to be created, and listed! Yay, im ahead of schedule. I have a week to pull together some of the more intricate items, and do some error checking and then im done. Projects are working! Users are working! Three cheers for speed.

I’m even thinking about adding tasks to the listing, which shouldn’t be too difficult.

GneuManager Milestones screaming into view…

I have had a very significant weekend to report about, namely in regards to GneuManager, but also a quick note about another of my projects. I got a couple emails this fine day asking about GneuManager being used, publicly, and I am letting you all know here and now that I intend to keep GneuManager Free to use for as long as the net allows. I have no plans to monetize it as of yet, and actually find the subject a bit revolting, however, I recognize that there need to be some means to pay for the site and all of the time that I put into these things, so be aware that in the future some of the apps I build may become monetized.

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