Changing directions – monumental changes for Gneu and its manager…

I have recently been doing a lot of reading, about Anthropology, taxonomy, and more than anything else, software development. A book you all should give a heft has definitely touched my heart in a number of ways. Dreaming in code – a documentary of the process from conception on of an open source software project called Chandler which is still in development. Many of you may already know that I have been driving my own open source venture, and It’s been just as shaky, if not more so because I have not got the driven individuals to work along side as they do.

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taking Care of Business…

Over the weekend I got in contact with someone who had used my OBJ -> SMD converter and had found a bug. The issue was pretty easy to fix, so I took some time to fix it. It was pretty straight forward, and has been attached, below.

Gneu Manager

The last week of development of our project manager has been slow. Being tied up in other things has definitely impacted my progress, but for the most part, I’ve just been unmotivated. Today we talk about why that has changed.

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Updates – All around

Hello, Hello, Hello!

I have been working, slaving, on too many things, but here are the updates that are pertinent.

I quit WAW. The lead and I had a difference in opinion at how something should have been handled and well, I choose the other road. Leaving WAW threw me to the whales and since then I’ve been kicking the utter shit out of the to-do listing I built up on Google. The great thing is that I am feeling great. I am finally sleeping again, after nearly two months of intermittent bouts with insomnia, although I owe that to Advil PM and Benadryl, thank the all powerful being who developed that.

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Managers for my managers…

I have great news, and it blew my mind when I realized how well it worked. In order to explain I will have to convey reason behind my development over the last 2 weeks. To those who don’t know, I have been spear heading an open source project called GneuManager, a project management suite that beings new meaning to modular. The last two weeks I have been putting the finishing touches on the interaction and caching on the back end of the application, let me explain…

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Viewer Mail # 3


Man, you are too fuckin much! I love the work you have been doing and hope that you don’t disappear on us developers that have been following your tutorials for the last couple years! Anyways – Dude, I want you to know that despite my asskissing I have a request for you and its not gonna be as simple for you as I would like it to be but man! How cool would it be for you to put together a podcast about the gneu idea, btw how do you pronounce that gneu thing? Its kinda cool that its not normal, I love the site too!


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