In the works at Gneu…

GneuManager & Ogre are the clear victors in this race. I have been juggling a website that is nearing completion and release, so I have the pleasure of being able to free up some of my time and devote it to making those cool little videos to scraps of techno music that I have found lying around the webs.

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Gneu Updates – Bring on the Ogre


It’s been a long summer, and I have been quite a busy bee, so please bear with me as we go through the updates to Gneu over the last 3 months.


I turned 24 in may and made the choice to get my life straightened out and headed in the direction I have known it was supposed to be going for quite some time. I am a programmer at heart and intend on making an impact in a few lives by the time my carpals and tunnels give way to old age. My route is going to be game development and as such I have been moving, steadily, towards understanding game engines and architecture in ways I had no idea about only months ago.

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Gneu Management System

I am in the middle of a huge code re-factoring experiment to see if what I’ve learned about PHP over the last 2 months can impact the way my GneuManager inspired framework would have been developed. I am planning to start on v2 of my framework before v1 was ever released.

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PHPBB3, or why you have to learn to love the bomb

some of you may have noticed that the forums have been… eh, tweaked; more like replaced over anything else. I am trying out the new version of PHPBB in order to see if the new development playground is going to be better for administrative tasks & SPAM FILTERING! Woo woo!

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Schools almost out and updates are on their way…

sometimes it feels like I’m just documenting the progress between projects, since I rarely find time to cram the progress reports into my days, but this week should be interesting. I have finally gotten my stances working again and will be gracing your presence with some of the progress (probably a video or two, maybe with some narration and diagrams) depending on my progress on it this weekend.

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