PHPBB3, or why you have to learn to love the bomb

some of you may have noticed that the forums have been… eh, tweaked; more like replaced over anything else. I am trying out the new version of PHPBB in order to see if the new development playground is going to be better for administrative tasks & SPAM FILTERING! Woo woo!

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Schools almost out and updates are on their way…

sometimes it feels like I’m just documenting the progress between projects, since I rarely find time to cram the progress reports into my days, but this week should be interesting. I have finally gotten my stances working again and will be gracing your presence with some of the progress (probably a video or two, maybe with some narration and diagrams) depending on my progress on it this weekend.

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Updates World Around

First offs, I want to say thank you to a few of you for shooting me the birthday emails and phone calls; I had a blast and appreciate it all, greatly. Now on with the show…

The last two weeks I have been juggling a couple of things that I’ve been meaning to release since mid February. First and foremost is an update to the Database Module. This release is not really very significant, I updated quite a few functions and added a new file that contains conversion functions to help a later release when I hope to retire the need to worry about SQL injection.

Secondly I have released the Forms Module. It’s fairly straight forward; an OOP method of handling generation of forms. Although It’s only got remedial error checking, it will evolve as everything else does on this site.

As a final note, I would like to let you know about the new project I have picked up, called DiOxygen which is basically an extension of the idea behind DOxygen. Check the forum out to see whats up and what it will do. Suggestions are more than accepted, they are expected!

OOP Forms Module v 1.0

Here is the initial release of the forms module. I update this pretty frequently at home, since i use it to keep forms fluid. Development of these things is as easy as dropping the form into a function and allowing it to run crazy through your app. Currently this is only the front end of the form. I am planning on releasing the Event module to keep things exciting and easy to interact.

Bridgette & Birthdays!

Bridgette has come and brought a lot of things to light in the last three weeks. She is definitely an attractive woman, nice long legs and a great set of toes to match. I even took her out to dinner a couple times to show her off to some friends, but unfortunately for me, she isn’t very well off in the dependability and is very insecure. I guess this is what I was looking at as a small hurdle when I chose her name; Bridgette was a girl I was an inch away from dating back in high school, she was amazing if you ignored her insecurity. The one thing I’ve been sure to agree with… you can’t turn a ho into a house wife. Tough shit eh?

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New Diggs, Release met (kinda)

Hello to a couple new pairs of eyes

I would like to let you all know that this week I am going to be busier than usual. I just moved into my new place and until Comcast finds it in their interest to finally come over and hook up my cable I am only able to get online at work. Work happens to like it when I don’t get to sit down and stare at MS Word as I type up my post. I have actually been interrupted four times in this single post, so bear with me. I will be in touch very soon. Continue reading “New Diggs, Release met (kinda)”