Today in Gneu

I wanted to let you all in on the progress that went on today and this weekend…

The ANChat system is progressing, quite quickly i feel, towards completion. Te banning and unbanning system went in and some other minor issues. It is practically completed. I am actually quite excited and look forward tot he next time that i get to hit it as hard as i did saturday night.

Gneu’s new host is going to be a fantastic relationship. I have been nothing but pleased by the support and performance that i have experienced thus far and hope that it continues as such.

Now for the meat of the news. OMS is being put back on the table.

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Packing my bags!

I am both excited and saddened by my need to move hosts, considering I just moved to GoDaddy a few months ago. This decision comes down to the fact that GoDaddy quickly fell to the absolute bottom of the list of my host recommendation list, with an emphasis put on their uptime.

I ask you all to bear with me as I move the site over, but for what its worth you can follow my progress here:

Three cheers for DreamHost! Oh, and please hold the comments or place them on the omsmod blog. This site is effectively dead.

Children and the morality of teaching them about racism

A couple updates have come.

Firstly, i completed my piece on racial education being taught to children, which is available like all of the rest of the pieces i have written – in the writings/ramblings section of the site. It was a tough piece to flesh out but im pretty confident i covered the argument in a fair format.

And secondly, certainly not the least amazing, I have updated my WP Plugin – Video Bracket Tags – to be able to be configured site wide. Things are much better explained on the page itself, so please dont take my brief message here as the only information. Consult the release page itself and let me know what you guys think. Regular expressions are gone and i have added the option page.