Gneu Updates – Bring on the Ogre


It’s been a long summer, and I have been quite a busy bee, so please bear with me as we go through the updates to Gneu over the last 3 months.


I turned 24 in may and made the choice to get my life straightened out and headed in the direction I have known it was supposed to be going for quite some time. I am a programmer at heart and intend on making an impact in a few lives by the time my carpals and tunnels give way to old age. My route is going to be game development and as such I have been moving, steadily, towards understanding game engines and architecture in ways I had no idea about only months ago.

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Manufacturation and why HL2 is done.

this morning I had a meeting with Mike Whitfield, Terry Moenkhaus and I met up, originally intending to meet up with the Iron Grip folks and solidify some of our issues and what not. Well that fell through. They signed someone else and so the topic fell on relief of being able to pull together an idea of our own. We talked for quite some time about what we want to do and unfortunately HL2 is not looking like it should be our focus. Most of the issues with building an HL2 mod are rather simple and hard to ignore, but one overwhelming issue is that there isn’t much that hasn’t been done. I likened it to South Park’s episode about how the Simpsons have already done everything, and they both agreed. We can rehash other game ideas but barring some new idea coming out it just doesn’t peak any of our interests.

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the Programming Drinking Game

In order for something to be taken serious there has to be a drinking game associated with it. That is to say, anything that is seemingly fun alone, but when done in groups is tedious and or boring (or the other way around in a couple situations) needs to have a drinking game associated with it. Sex, diggnation, ping pong, nascar, pool and yes… even drinking have drinking games… I am going to open the doors to the possibility of having a programming drinking game; the emphasis of which is going to fall on the fact that as you become more and more incoherent you are going to have to drink more and more until you pass out on your keyboard.

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Letter to the HL2 Mod Community

I began modding Source in January of 2005. I spent just about every day of the next two years doing everything in my power, free time permitting, to help the amateur modders get accustomed to the drama and pure unadulterated bullshit that was lurking just out of their sight. I was there when the community came together and I have been here watching it dwindle into the dark corner of the room that no one dares look. There is no doubt in my mind that the Source Engine is feeling under used, under appreciated and sad. More shocking to me, even though I have more than devoted two years of my life to it, a dark portion of my heart is very glad to see it as such.

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Movement Theory A

Changing controls from hat people are used to, is often a mistake. Things like usability and the fact that people are used to the way things worked and expect them to work that way in the future drive a lot of that. In recent years many so called tactical games are moving away from the keyboard layout that many were used to, and into a much more controlled system that I have been incorporating into HL2 over the last week, and I have had an idea that I want to bounce off of you all.

The idea is pretty straight forward, but It’s a bit different from previous experience, so I will show you an example to make it clear. When you play a modern tactical shooter there are usually three stances, standing, crouched and prone, and there are two schools of thought in regards to how to move between them. One of the schools brings us to an issue that I will cover later, keyboard assignment cluttering, and the other is not as direct, but is still very intuitive.

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What makes a great Modder?

Over the years I have probably been approached by mod recruiters a hundred times, promising me things like fame and fortune as long as I work on their projects. Most have failed miserably to spark any sort of interest in their projects and more often than not, they fail to get out of the gate with much of anyone, leaving much to be desired for them to actually put a team together and get serious about their ideas. The few that I have had the pleasure of working with have gained my interest through many of the same processes that the lesser known mods have, but with a twist. They have put thought into their project.

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