How not to implement Cut-Scenes…

When I was eight my dad took me over to one side, my arm firmly in the grip of his demon claw. Before us were strewn about 9000 aluminum cans that were well crushed. He had a very disappointed look on his face. He knelt down to me and with his baritone voice he rumbled the following words.

Clean up this mess, and don’t ever make me sit through another cut scene as long as you are alive. I will kill you.

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Damn those Children

It has always bugged me that people tend to not watch their children in public these days. Its rather irritating when you are out in public, say eating with a beautiful woman with gorgeous breasts and a fantastically aligned smile, and up walks this little heathen of a child that even would make god scream and run out of the room hysterically pulling tufts of his hair out and wondering why he hadnt waited on setting loose the flood on the world. Well, i am not of his power, but i am of his mind, because i know that we are flawed and this child is a prime example. Drool down his chin; Barbequeue sauce on the bib; Shrill scream just at the right tone to break glasses and of course make common brained adults lose their minds.

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